Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bigfoot TV shows are a waste of time

BIGFOOT TV shows and series are simply a waste of time.
These shows rarely uncover anything new and are more about hype and suspense about essentially nothing.
A friend and Bigfoot expert of mine has tons of compelling stories and locations to explore in Ogden Valley. However, he said when he contacted one of the Bigfoot TV shows they had no interest in it.
"They miss important stuff," my friend said.
Bigfoot shows (an even ghost-type shows) miss the mark in my opinion, because they try to sensationalize and create scenes to stir excitement, but then they really never have anything blockbuster to deliver. So, they are a lot of hype about nothing.
Bigfoot shows need to be more documentary oriented and less hype slanted.

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  1. I totally agree -it makes the individuals who may have thought to consider Bigfoot as being real seem like a hoax. Came across a crazy tree structure last summer in the high Uintahs -couldn't have been anything but a Sasquatch. The roots were ripped right out and placed horizontally in another tree. This happened a day after my friends family had been trimming trees near their cabin.