Wednesday, August 26, 2015

'Bigfoot' is all over the Pacific Northwest

                         Bigfoot statues for sell at Trees of Mystery.

I recently took a long vacation that included Southern Oregon and Northern Washington. Although I didn't see or experience anything with an actual Bigfoot creature, I was amused as how often Bigfoot references showed up in places and attractions.
This is truly Bigfoot country ....
EXAMPLE: At the famous Trees of Mystery store on Highway 101 near Klamath, California, there were Bigfoot posters and statues galore for sell.
                              A large Bigfoot statue at Trees of Mystery.

EXAMPLE 2: North of Brookings, Oregon, someone had written on a trail to be beach sign to beware of Sasquatch.
EXAMPLE 3: In both California and Oregon, I often spotted Bigfoot statues or images at various business fronts.

            A makeshift sign on a trail to a beach, just north of Brookings, Oregon.