Sunday, March 1, 2015

American Fork Canyon: Another highly questionable Bigfoot video

Yes, another questionable Bigfoot video comes out in late February of 2015, this one sadly from my home State of Utah ... in the Tibble Creek Reservoir area of American Fork Canyon, Utah County.
The cameraman starts running around wildly after just a few seconds of footage and after that little is visible, with very jumpy, hazy footage.
You mean you had an actual Sasquatch in view and you ruin the footage by crazily running around? Very, very suspect to me.
(This video follows soon after the awful one from Yellowstone that looks fake...)
If it would have been me, I would have stayed put and obtained a minute or more of solid video first, before even considering trying to get closer, or a better angle.
Still, worse, is this even actual footage, given such a botched opportunity? You've got to wonder and I'm still not convinced of its authenticity, given the footage's poor quality.

A single photo is about all that's salvageable from this amateur video. Why did the poster even include all the running around footage? It makes them seem all the more unreliable.
I'm NOT adding this to my Bigfoot in Utah sightings list, as it is too short in detail too.
The cameraman doesn't include his name and that is a big red flag to me. So, you were supposedly convinced it was real, but you're not ready to stand behind it with even your first name? 
Also, When did you specifically shoot this video?
Nope, far more questions than answers to this so-called encounter.

Why can no one obtain solid video footage of a Bigfoot?
(I'm convinced they do actually exist, though to me they are supernatural, not some undiscovered animal.)

-You can watch the video and decide for yourself, but these are the flimsy and likely fake encounters that downgrade the entire serious search for Bigfoot.

-Cut and paste this link to watch the video: