Thursday, December 4, 2014

Utah's first "Big Foot' report and the first mention of a Sasquatch

TODAY 'Bigfoot' is synonymous with an elusive creature of unknown origin.
However, more than a century ago and more than a half-century before the "Bigfoot" name would be coined for the Sasquatch creature, there was another "Bigfoot."
According to the Twin Falls News newspaper of Jan. 26, 1906, a Native American nicknamed "Bigfoot" was a renegade who led a Piute band of Snake Indians on area settlers.
-Utah's first reported "Big foot" was not a mysterious beast at all, either. It was a wolf. "Wily trapper seeks scalp of old 'Big Foot'" was a Sept. 5, 1919 headline in the Salt Lake Herald newspaper. The reward for killing the elusive wolf, who preyed on cattle and sheep in remote San Juan County, was $1,000. Some kind of foot injury gave the wolf a distinctive flatted foot and hence its "Big Foot" name.
-The first printed media mention of the word "Sasquatch" in Utah was in the Salt Lake Telegram of March 2, 1934. This WASN'T a sighting in Utah, but in British Columbia.
"Hairy Giant spreads terror in Canada. Appearance of wild man revives legend of vanished race of cave dwellers" was the headline off the United Press service.
The news report stated that there had been three sightings of the creature, called Sasquatch by the area's Native Americans, the Harrison area, east of Vancouver.
Area Indians said many years ago a whole tribe of the wild men lived in the region. They lived in caves and hunted with clubs and stones.
-The next media mention in Utah of Sasquatch was in the Provo Daily Herald of March 23, 1949. This report mentioned the creatures as living in the Ruby Lake area of British Columbia. The headline of the story was, "Tales from tall timber reported."

Fake Bigfoot stunts in Utah

FAKING Bigfoot sightings or footprints is one of the worst things possible against a true pursuit of the elusive creature.

The two worst incidents in the State of Utah are decades old. Hopefully, there won't be any more:

-"Dixie has a 'Bigfoot'" was an Aug. 13, 1977 headline in the Color County Spectrum newspaper.
According to the story, a young man, Ithamar Sprague, admitted to planting fake large footprints around town.
(-Ironically, less than 2 weeks later, the state's first big media reported sighting would happen in the High Uintas.) 

-"Bigfoot just myth, Prints prove it" was a Dec. 15, 1977 headline in the Salt Lake Tribune.
Some kids in Hunter City (now a part of West Valley City) faked footprints around town.