Friday, July 11, 2014

Why is a 'paranormal' Bigfoot so hard to accept?

I listened to a one-hour radio show on Bigfoot recently.
One of the guests claimed to have seen multiple Bigfoots numerous times.
He even said once his camera malfunctioned during a sighting.
However, he still held to the idea that these are just intelligent, but secretive animals roaming around.
Logically, I don't see how that fits the parameters at all.
If Bigfoot was an animal we'd have clear photographs/videos by now and likely even bones and DNA evidence.
We have none of those.
So, man can walk on the moon, unravel the mysteries of DNA and create nuclear weapons, but he can't substantiate Bigfoot?
I believe there are both angels and demon creatures out there. Bigfoot is the latter.
He will never be substantiated by standard means. He is ultimately beyond the power of mortal men.
Bigfoot can disappear at will. He can make tracks (or not), throw rocks, make noises and do some physical things. Yet, he is NOT 
One of man's main shortcomings is his arrogance. He can't/won't readily admit there's something roaming around out there that is supernatural and beyond his grasp.
But, Bigfoot is really out there.
Bigfoot in his own way proves there is a God as much as an angel does.
We'd all be better off if we would seek angels with the same vigor as the Bigfoot ("demons,") but yes Bigfoot is an enticing mystery, though clearly a supernatural one and all the scientists in the world aren't going to prove, or disprove Bigfoot's existence.