Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Possible 1902 Bigfoot encounter in Southern Idaho

The Ogden Standard-Examiner had this headline on January 28, 1902:
"Frightened by a long-haired creature"

A party of young people were skating on the Portneuf River near Chesterfield, Idaho (Caribou County, north of Grace and Preston and northeast of Soda Springs) and reported being visited "by an eight-foot-all-hair covered human monster."
The creature was aggressive and held a large stick. The party fled in wagons.
However, some of the young men returned with guns and saw the creature warming itself by their fire.
The said it was at least eight-feet-tall and had long reddish hair. Even the face was covered with hair.
They chose not to shoot at it.
The next morning, many large naked tracks with only four toes were found in the area.
Stockmen in the area have said they have seen similar tracks along the river over the years, but this was the first report of anyone seeing the creature who made these tracks in the area.
Twenty men went out in search of the beast, to capture it, as many in the area felt unsafe now.
(I have many relatives in Grace and Pocatello, but have never been able to gleam any Bigfoot stories from any of them, so it was a surprise to find this account ...)
Note: Today Chesterfield in a tourist ghost town, only inhabited in the summer. The Pourtneuf River eventually runs through Lava Hot Springs, to the southwest.

--Below is a link one can cut and paste to read the newspaper account first hand: