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Book Length Compilation: Sasq-Wasatch -- Searching for Bigfoot in Utah

                        A Bigfoot costume, courtesy of the late Darrell Smith.

This is a compilation/expansion of this blog into one expanded, continuous, book-length file .... Note too, that is an on-going work.
Feedback, or reports of additional Bigfoot sightings are welcome.

Sasq-Wasatch -- Searching for Bigfoot in Utah

By Lynn Arave

Table of contents:
-Chapter 1: When Bigfoot 'Arrived' in Utah
-Chapter 2: A Time Like No Other, South Weber, 1980
-Chapter 3: The Utah Man Who Saw Bigfoot 9 Times!
-Chapter 4: Utah Makes Its Mark on the Bigfoot National Map.
-Chapter 5: Does Bigfoot Have a Zip Code of 84310?
-Chapter 6: Is Bigfoot Supernatural?
-Chapter 7: Could Bigfoot Be Cain From the Bible?

-Chapter 8: Bigfoot Sightings List For Utah


There seems to be an extra high Bigfoot interest in Utah -- the Beehive State --  more than in most states in the U.S.
This book explores some of the Bigfoot sightings in Utah over time, as well as provide some general information.
You may not believe in Bigfoot yourself, but there have been just too many sightings over time to dismiss them all to drinking, drugs, bad eyes, hoaxes or poor judgment.
Something is out there and it is still unexplained.
Utah may be the second-driest state in the nation, but its reported Bigfoot sightings usually rank in the top 25 or less.
A "Bigfoot Party" held in Eden in the spring of 1997 first spotlighted attention to on-going sightings of the elusive creature in Ogden Valley, east of Ogden -- one of the state's hotbeds for Sasquatch activity.

Dave Carver of Ogden Valley hosted his first "Dave's Bigfoot Show" on July 27, 2010 and attracted some 500 people to Huntsville in rainy weather.
Two more Dave's Bigfoot Shows were also held in 2011 -- Aug. 11, 2011, at the Weber County Fairgrounds in Ogden; and Sept. 3, 2011 at Wolf Mountain. Both shows drew crowds.
The latter show included costume dress up and all day activities.
(Carver continues to hope to one day conduct "Bigfoot Tours" of Ogden Valley and Ogden Canyon, describing the many Sasquatch sightings that happened there.)

 You may think that only the areas of northern California, Oregon and Washington have regular Bigfoot sightings, but whatever it is tromps through Utah, at least periodically, with Weber and Davis counties as the traditional hot spots.
Since the Wasatch Mountains, one of Utah’s most prominent ranges, traverses the two counties, hence the term coined here – “Sasq-Wasatch.”
One serious shortcoming with any Bigfoot sightings is that most of the media doesn’t take ANY of them seriously. To most reporters, Bigfoot is simply a joke.
That is, in fact, the big problem with Bigfoot sightings – probably only the tip of iceberg of sightings are ever reported, because of a fear of ridicule.
"Bigfoot," the term at least, has been around since October of 1958, when the Associated Press ran a story out of Eureka, California, that is believed to be the first official usage of the term.
The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, founded in 1995, has given the quest for evidence even greater hope and has its own Web site ( The group has a small number of Utah sightings on its lists, but most never rate the BFRO data base.
(A big drawback with Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization is that their Web site only contains a fraction of the sightings out there. The BFRO is very selective on what they report -- you have to be cautious to avoid the hoax sightings.

Those who claim to have encountered a bigfoot usually follow certain criteria – they feel a powerful presence before seeing anything, smell the worst odor known and may also experience bone-chilling fear. Animals too may be anxious and shun away from anything to do with Bigfoot.
Some may only find huge, naked footprints of a possible Bigfoot, others only smell the putrid odor, or others just hear some strange noises.
For me, the most I've ever experienced are some unexplained chills down my spine while running all alone in the mountains east of Ogden in fall of 1977 -- just after deer hunting season had ended. I was the only person around for miles. Only years later did I realize my fright spell came on about directly east of the North Ogden's "Fish Farm," a location for many possible Bigfoot incidents in the 1970s.
From the first media reported sightings of the elusive creature in the High Uintas in 1977, to South Weber’s multiple reports in 1980 and beyond, Bigfoot has apparently visited Utah regularly.

-Important Non-Utah Information:
The No. 1 all-time Bigfoot sighting: Patterson-Gimlin in 1967
On Oct. 20, 1967, two men, Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin, made a short – just less than 60-second -- video of an unidentified creature they claimed was the legendary Bigfoot.  This is probably the most talked about and argued Sasquatch encounter in U.S. history.
The footage was shot on a 16mm Kodak hand-held movie camera, in a remote canyon of the Bluff Creek, in Del Norte County, California. The two men, who lived in Yakima, Wash., at the time, had been trying to capture a Bigfoot on film. They were searching in the Bluff Creek area, because tracks had been found in the same area near logging roads, built into this remote northern California region.
They filmed what appeared to be a female Bigfoot from as close as 25 feet away. Critics over the years have debunked it as a person in a gorilla suit, since the filming of the first “Planet of the Apes” movie was well underway by then. However, others have noted a stride and arm swing that they believe humans could not possibly duplicate. No zippers or other direct evidence of a “costume” could be spotted in a scrutiny of the film.
Because of poor film quality, there may never be a way to conclude authentically either way, but the footage has been a pivotal catalyst on the subject either way, even more than four decades later.
Some erroneously believe Patterson, who died of cancer in 1972, fessed up before his death that it was a hoax. However, he in fact maintained the encounter was real to the end. Gimlin also argued the same.
“The Making of Bigfoot: The Inside Story,” by Greg Long in 2004, is a book that centered on the Patterson footage being a hoax. This book is apparently skewed to that end and some book reviews, like one from John Green on make that bias clear.
Other questions have arisen too, about Patterson locating the creature so early on in his search; on finding the creature in a daylight and perfect weather setting too. Most Bigfoot sightings occur at night.
However, you’ve got to wonder why the two men would use a female Bigfoot, creating more work for them in the hoax process.
There are certainly Bigfoot hoaxes out there, but a fake or not, the Patterson film has raised awareness of Bigfoot, pro and con.
You can also view a copy of the footage of YouTube, if you want to see for yourself at:
Sources: Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization report No. 1563 on;;; and other Internet sites.
The 1958 newspaper story that coined the term “Bigfoot” --
During October of 1958, the Associated Press ran a story out of Eureka, California, that is believed to be the first official usage of the term “Bigfoot.”
Jerry Crew, who bulldozed logging roads for a living in the Eureka area, make a plaster cast of prints that looked human, but were 16 inches long. The prints were also two inch impressions in dirt that he said no human could have penetrated the dirt more than ½ inch.
He said he’d found hundreds of similar prints during the past few weeks and though he and has men have never seen the creature, they feel many times as if they are being watched.
“Every morning we find his footprints in the fresh earth we’ve moved the day before,” Crew said.
“Bigfoot, as the Bluff Creek people call the creature, apparently travels only at night,” is that first-ever Bigfoot reference.
The same article also mentioned full 50-gallon drums of gasoline that were mysteriously scattered about by some unknown force at a logging camp two years earlier in the same area.
(Note: That this is the same general area where Patterson made his Bigfoot film, some nine years later.)
Overall, it is unlikely that most people will be swayed from NOT believing in Bigfoot with this research. Sadly, it takes a personal encounter with the creature to often do that.
For myself, it is simply the combined testimony of dozens of people I've talked to that gives me belief in Bigfoot.

-References: The Province Newspaper, out of Vancouver, B.C., which published the A.P. article on Oct. 6, 1958; The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization,

Chapter 1: When Bigfoot 'Arrived' in Utah:

                                The rugged and pristine High Uintas. 
                                                    (Photo by Ravell Call.)

When was the first Bigfoot sighting in Utah?
The first publicly reported sighting by the media happened on Aug. 22, 1977 in the High Uintas Wilderness area, only a few days after it happened.
(There were a few earlier sightings, but they were reported many years after the fact and did not involve the number of witnesses and detail that this one did.)
Two men from North Ogden City and six teenagers  claimed they saw a “gorilla-like” creature who matched the description of a bigfoot.
Bert Strand, outdoor editor for the Ogden Standard-Examiner, a daily  newspaper, published an account from the group, published  on Aug. 25, 1977.
Jay Barker, a big game hunter and operator of a trout farm in North Ogden, estimated the creature to be 10 feet tall and “covered with  a white mantle of hair over its shoulders and half-way down its huge body.” 
The creature’s lower portion was dark in color and it moved away on its hind legs.
This sighting took place as the group looked down from the top of a ridge in Summit County, located between Cuberant Basin and Pass Lake.

(The elevation in this area is well over 10,000 feet above sea level.)

Being about six miles from their vehicle, the group was deeply in a 

wilderness area, with heavy timber.

All eight members of the party watched in disbelief as the creature 

walked around a small lake, about one-mile below the 11,000-foot 

elevation ridge they stood on.

Barker thought at first it might be an elk. However, after one of the 

boys knocked some loose rocks that rolled down, the creature 

turned and looked up at them.

"What are we looking at?” Beeson said in surprise.

Barker admitted the creature was too far away to get a clear look 

at its face, but they watched it walk—on two legs -- about 88 

yards, before disappearing in heavy timber.

                                    The High Uintas, with Kings Peak in the background.  
                                                           (Photo by Ravell Call.)

The party was generally “dumbfounded”and “amazed.” The group 

then went down to where the creature had been and found a huge 

“paw-like” prints, fainting imprinted on  the hard ground. They 

also found scruff marks and some nearby ground, trees and rocks 

and a partially eaten rabbit carcass completely “skinned as by a 


Then two men and six boys decided it unwise to follow the 

creature  into heavy brush.

Returning to camp, the group could not sleep and spend the night 

huddled around their campfire at Fish Lake.

The next day, the party hiked out the six miles to Pass Lake, near 

the Mirror Lake paved highway and just north of Mirror Lake itself.

Meanwhile, the Standard-Examiner article also reported that Arlo 

Fawcett of Roy, a sheepherder in the Gold Hill area to the north, 

reported his sheep were uneasy at the time, filled with fear and 

would not stay in a grazing area where they were led, the same 

area where the group had spotted the creature. The sheep raced 

back to camp, not wanting to remain at the grazing area.

Fawcett said he’d never seen sheep act like this and unlike 

previous  summers spent here, he failed to hear any coyotes in the 

region. (1)

Jerry Dahlberg, s conservation officer for the Utah Division of 

Wildlife Resources, responded to the tale on the creature by stating 

it sounded like a grizzly bear sighting, except for the long distance 

of walking upright.

Some other hikers and fishermen also came forward after hearing 

this sighting and said that two weeks prior they had heard strange 

howls and growling in that same area of Cuberant Basin, unlike 

anything they’d experienced before.

Barker also returned to the same area a week later and reported a 

strange smell there. (2)

(Barker would soon after have other possible Bigfoot incidents unfold at his Fish Farm in North Ogden.)

This solid sounding tale of Bigfoot in the High Uintas attracted the 

interest of many Bigfoot enthusiasts in the United States.

The Davis News Journal reported that for three weeks after 

the initial sighting in the Uintas, scores of people scoured 

the area in search of the elusive creature. Weber County 

sent and official search party to the area, accompanied by 

officer Dahlberg, but found nothing conclusive.

Despite searching 10 square miles, nothing was found and 

the group even searched an additional area – the Bear River 

side of the region.

Dahlberg stated that some of the search area was "so 

primitive it looked like it had never before been penetrated 

by man.”

                          How the late Darrell Smith envisioned Bigfoot in a costume.

He had also hoped to have found a form of shelter used by 

the creature, animal carcasses, or torn trees, but nothing 

like that was discovered. (3)

Two middle-aged couples from Bountiful and Hill Air Force 

Base also reported seeing not one but three bigfoot-like 

creatures in the Uintas earlier that summer of 1977.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Melka, and Sgt. and Mrs. Fred 

Rosenberg spoke to the Davis County Clipper of their  

experience on July 10, 1977 in the high Uintas, about one-

half mile southwest of Elizabeth Lake, approximately  17 

miles northwest of where the Barker group sighting:

"We sat on a ridge looking into a meadow only 300 to 500 

yards away when we saw the first creature," said Robert 

Melka. "A few seconds later a second beast - both much 

larger than humans - entered the meadow and the two 

romped back and forth in the clearing for at least ten 


The couples seemed uniform in their descriptions – beasts 

with hair on all but their hands and feet. They walked 

upright, but their arms and legs seemed longer than 

humans have and they were easily eight to 10 feet tall.

Two of the beasts romped and played in a meadow, while 

the third stood nearby. The two couples believe the 

creatures could not see their position up on a secluded 


“They did not have pointed snouts as bears do and we had 

good, long look at their profiles." Sergeant Rosenberg 

noted. A wild game hunter for more than a quarter century, 

"these were nothing like anything I have seen before, in real 

life or otherwise,” he stressed.

                        The High Uintas are rugged and lofty territory.
                                                         (Photo by Ravell Call.)

The four adults weren't scared, but they were apprehensive 

as they watched the creatures.

The four adults only came forward with tale after hearing 

about the sighting by eight people more than a month later. 

They otherwise did not even tell their children about it.

"We thought a lot about it, but didn't want to talk about it 

and be humiliated by those who wouldn't believe us," Mr. 

Melka said.

Their sighting was some 17 miles from any paved road and 

they had driven a jeep into that remote area.

Sadly, the couples had left any rifles, binoculars or cameras 

at home.  (4)

Although these two sightings were the first media chronicled 

bigfoot sightings in Utah, they certainly were not the first.

Perhaps the first took place in the 19th Century near Manti.

At the timber camp in Ephraim Canyon in the 1870s, during the construction of the Manti LDS Church Temple, there was an incident one night where men of the camp were terrified by some strange creature in the forest. 
It made strange noises, killed some of their dogs and frightened their horses. They finally started a bonfire and shot guns in the darkness to try and get it to leave. It did finally depart.

Another 19th Century account for Utah happened  in the 

Tuschar Mountains, east of Beaver.

There’s a canyon in the western slopes of these 12,000-plus 

foot high mountains, strangely called “Gorilla Canyon.” 

Nearby there is a Gorilla Ridge and a Gorilla Creek.

Why the gorilla name? In most local histories, the tale is told 

of some miners who mistook one of their own unshaven 

prospectors at dusk momentarily for a gorilla. (5)

That story sounds more than odd, that such a minor 

incident would produce three permanent place names in the 

area. Some southern Utah residents don’t buy that 

explanation and believe that to be the sanitized story in 

history. They suspect a bigfoot sighting, more than a half-

century before that term was even coined, to be a more 

likely prospect. (6) Gorillas were sometimes credited in 

19th Century sasquatch sightings.

Otherwise, the earliest reported Bigfoot in Utah incident 

may been sometime in early June 1950 - When a family arrived at their cabin in Big Cottonwood Canyon, as the snow had finally melted enough, the door was smashed in. They also found muddy, bare footprints all over the cabin. (From BFRO files.)
Next up was a possible Bigfoot sighting near Beaver, Utah, not far from I-15.
Then, in the Spring 1962 -- A family's children are playing hide and seek, in the Wasatch Mountains, off Highway 89 and east of Ogden City. all alone, the boy spots a very large creature standing nearby. It is tall, dark and hairy. It is standing next to a tree watching him. Their eyes lock for a second. 
Then, the boy feels this is not a safe situation. He runs down the mountain and tells his father. He finds nothing. As they leave the area, the boy glances back up the mountain and sees the creature standing in the same place as before.
Before he can tell his family, the car rounds a curve and the view is lost. The boy is terrified afterward of going into the forest alone.
At the time, "Bigfoot" is not a widespread term. Later, seeing sketches of Bigfoot, he realizes that has to be what he saw.

In August of 1964, two boys hiking back to a family cabin at dusk in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake County, felt they were being stalked, heard a big animal following them, and then an unearthly growl.
They raced to the cabin and then heard the outhouse door outside open and close. No one else around. The next day, they found a weird pine bed a few miles from the cabin. (From BFRO files.)

Doug Wilson said he and two other men were traveling up the Powder Mountain road in the fall of 1965, in Ogden Valley, searching for deer with a spotlight when they saw some sort of creature with eerie eyes.
"We never really decided what we saw," he said, explaining they rarely dared talk about it.

                                          Another Bigfoot recreation by Darrell Smith.

In the Fall of 1968, a woman living in a house in Wheeler Canyon, just below Pineview Dam in Ogden Canyon, said something with glowing red eyes was looking in her window one night. She had never heard of Bigfoot at the time. The creature didn't move, so she phoned the police, saying she had an intruder. 
When the police arrived, they found nothing, but said he must have been very tall to peer through the lofty window. The woman's husband later laughed at her encounter and a week or so later, she moved out of that house.
 He husband later said a week or so after her experience, he saw a dark, hairy face looking into a window of the house. He thought "bear" and went for a gun. When he came back it was gone. He later realized a bear's snout would have prevented it from being so close to the glass of the window. (From BFRO files.)

In Clarkston, Cache County, another incident from the early 

1970s was reported. During a 1981 conversation with a 

former Miss Cache Countythen living in Logan, strange 

tales and eventually bigfoot came up. The young woman 

said that she grew up  in Clarkston, northwest of Logan  in 

Cache County and that  something both strange and 

terrible stomped through her town  late one night in the 

early 1970s. 

Many residents were awakened  and frightened by 

screams.  (7)

Another possible bigfoot incident was reported in the 1980s that 

happened in 1973.

 Craig R. Johnson of Farr West, Weber County, was elk 

hunting with friends in the Manti-La Sal Mountains, east of 

Moab. After returning to camp, they reported something 

very powerful had lifted the door off a 300-pound horse 

trailer and tossed it 10 feet away. An imprint in the dust on 

the door didn’t indicate a bear or a human, but something 


Then in April of 1977, some children in the town of 

Washington, in Utah’s Dixie/St. George area, reported they 

saw a mammoth creature lurking through the town’s streets. 

Later, strange footprints are found in the same area on 

many different nights. (However, this was later exposed as a 

hoax.) (8)

These are the earliest known Bigfoot incidents, but there are 

likely many more that Utahns are afraid to talk about, for 

fear of ridicule.


(1) "8 hikers spot elusive 'Bigfoot' in  High Uintas,"   Ogden 

Standard Examiner, by Bert Strand, Aug. 25, 1977.

(2) "Search party tracks 'Bigfoot,'" Ogden Standard Examiner, by Bert Strand, Sept. 3, 1977.

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Chapter 2: A Time Like No Other, South 

Weber, 1980.

Feb. 3-4, 1980 in South Weber, Utah was a time  like no other in the Beehive State. 
There were multiple sightings of Bigfoot reported. The city was abuzz with chatter. Sightings would continue through the first part of that month.
First, Pauline Markham said she spotted a big, black creature in broad daylight -- about 2:30 p.m. on Feb. 3, coming down the ridge and toward the Davis-Weber Canal, which slices through the south side of the small community.
Then, later that night, about 12:20 a.m., on Feb. 4, Ronald Smith had just gotten home from work and went out in the yard to feed his horse.
The animal would not come to the fence to feed and was acting strange. Then, Smith heard something in the field. It was a moon lit night and saw what he first throught was some teenager on his property.
But it screamed four times, like a cougar, but much louder, and he then realized not only that the figure was much larger than a person, but that he needed to get in the house.
The next day, Smith found large barefoot tracks -- some of them 6 feet apart -- in his field, though his horse had trampled through most of them.
Other strange footprints were found all over the area in the coming days.
Sadly, the media reports on the sightings didn't appear until more than a week after they occurred. Also, the reporter who covered the sightings, apparently days afterward, admitted he was a skeptic, yet he had never seen footprints like what he saw.  (1)
Edna Arave, a  South Weber resident (an aunt of the author) said she didn't see anything that night, but she did hear weird, frightening screams.
She described them as unlike anything she'd heard before and cries that chilled you down to the bone. (2)
Her report was typical of many residents -- not really wanting to talk about what they saw or heard, unless prodded.
So, it is certain that many sightings, or experiences were never reported, for fear of ridicule.
It was almost three weeks later, on Feb. 24, 1980, that a motorist on Riverdale Road, Lee Padilla, of Clearfield, who claimed he saw Bigfoot run across the road at 3:30 a.m.
"It had long legs, a head like a gorilla with long, dark brown furry hair that was in layers," Padilla said.
He estimated the creature to be 10 or more feet tall and that it had no fear, or concern of his approaching vehicle. (3)
The Riverdale sighting set off a firestorm of fear about the creature.
"Armed 'Bigfoot' hunters not wanted in Riverdale," was a headline in the Ogden Standard Examiner on March 1, 1980. The Riverdale Police Chief, Michael Daily, was tired to reports of armed men cursing the city looking for the creature.
"We've been getting calls like you wouldn't believe," Chief Daily said.
In one incident, an armed resident searching for the beast turned out to be a boy with a BB gun -- though the kid was looking for Bigfoot.
Another Standard Examiner headline read, "Men Claim Bigfoot hair found," (Feb.14, 1980.)
That article included a Mountain Green resident reporting an awful odor one night in February -- not a skunk, but something different.
The same article also reported that a South Weber woman, Mrs. Walter G. Ray, also said a pot of stew she put outside to cool on the night of Feb. 13, 1980 was hauled 100 yards away and licked clean.
The Rays also found weird, bear-like tracks around their yard and that their dogs had been acting strange that night.
In other weeks of February and March of 1980, some kids claimed they saw a bigfoot out by the Ogden River and 12th Street and other young persons had sightings near Cold Water Canyon in the North Ogden area. (4)

-Despite all these sightings, some South Weber residents of the early 1980s, like Darrin Cuttler, believe it was probably a bear who ran through the town and are not convinced it was a Bigfoot, if that even exists. (5)
The media reported on the South Weber incidents extensively and more than any other Bigfoot sightings to date.
Still, locally the South Weber sightings became legends, unlike anything that has ever happened there.
These 1980 reports also put Bigfoot prominently in the minds of many residents of Northern Utah.
The South Weber sightings also created Utah's first own avid Bigfoot researcher, Ryan Layton, of Layton. From the winter of 1980 on, he made it point to conduct interviews and document all he could find out about the beast in Utah.

"Bigfoot lives."
So says Ryan Layton, Utah's self-styled premier expert on Sasquatch, the mythical creature believers insist hides in the wilds of North America.
Layton has hunted Bigfoot since 1980 through interviews with Utahns who tell of close encounters and by gathering what he insists is evidence of its existence.
"As far as I know in the state of Utah, I've taken this (Bigfoot study) further than anyone else . . . It's absolutely overwhelming the things I've come to find out . . . It's controversial but fascinating." 
People have reported sightings of an animal the fits the Bigfoot description in Utah as well as in the Pacific Northwest.
Layton, a self-employed entrepreneur, doesn't claim to have solved the mystery of Bigfoot. He also hasn't personally glimpsed the creature, but he says he's found enough evidence over the years to be convinced there's something out there that goes beyond normal understanding.
He stresses he's not on a "monster hunt," but rather he's looking for some answers and perhaps for an unknown species of animal.
"In all probability, they do exist," he said. "I can't prove it to anybody, but people have indeed seen Bigfoot in unmistakable conditions."
Most people scoff at the reports, and Layton said he's already taken heat for his belief in Bigfoot. Scientists will remain unbelieving until they capture or get a skeleton of a Bigfoot. Detractors point to the lack of fossils, bones or remains of any kind. They maintain an animal can't have existed without leaving remains behind.
"You'd think you'd come across a dead one or a fossil," he said, stressing he isn't one to advocate what some Bigfoot enthusiasts do - shooting one in order to have a body to present to science as proof.
He said the lack of such evidence has put some Bigfoot study into the metaphysical realm. One of the recent trends in Bigfoot theories nationally is the possible connection of Bigfoot to UFOs.
"I can't say I've seen much connection between the two," Layton said, but others say Bigfoots are extra-terrestrial beings.
"I don't rule out that we're dealing with a band of experimental or introduced species from another source, based on the fact we have no fossil evidence of Bigfoot," he said.
What happens when man encounters Bigfoot? Reports vary, but Layton said 80 percent of all sightings happen at night and most involve a creature who is reserved, though a little curious. He may watch a camp in the mountains from a distance, but is rarely aggressive. A few have reported trucks or campers being rocked by a Bigfoot, but Layton said this is rare.
He said a foul odor, which might be caused by some sort of special protective glands, usually permeates a Bigfoot encounter.
Layton said other animals react negatively to Bigfoot. Dogs will track bears or cougars, but they'll run away from Bigfoot. Horses will also act frightened and apprehensive.
"They're not built like us . . . I doubt if they have too many human tendencies," Layton said, referring to the late Dr. Grover S. Krantz's research. 
Krantz was one of the nation's most respected Bigfoot experts with whom Layton has collaborated.
Layton said some theories explain Bigfoot as a modern version of a primate, apelike creature, called gigantopithecus, that existed in China more than 500,000 years ago and migrated to North America. But he said that idea still doesn't explain why no skeletons have ever been found.
Layton said he remembers reading a Bigfoot story in "True Magazine" back in 1962. He also helped classmates make an amateur Bigfoot movie when he was a ninth-grader. His interest was renewed in 1980 when there were several reported Bigfoot sightings in South Weber, Davis County.
He admits he was obsessed with the creature back then. The local sightings hit home because previous ones were mostly in the Pacific Northwest. (Still, Bigfoot has been reported in such places as San Diego, the Las Vegas area and the Grand Canyon.)
"I made a promise to myself to get to the bottom of those sightings," he said. "I decided to be an investigator and remain skeptical."
He said it has taken many years for him to become convinced of Bigfoot's existence and also to come down to reality.
"It's turned into a real interesting hobby . . . You'd be shocked how many people in the state of Utah have eyewitnessed these things," he said, explaining he's talked to 30 to 40 Utahns who say they have had close encounters with Bigfoot. "These things have been seen all over the state."
"I'd like to see one . . . but I haven't . . . They don't show up very often."
Layton believes Bigfoot is something you have to be lucky to see. You just can't go out looking for it like a big game animal using certain parameters and expect to see one. He's seen footprints and also believes he heard a Bigfoot cry out in the Uinta Mountains during 1983.
He also said the reported evidence of Bigfoots in Utah didn't stop after the South Weber sightings 13 years ago. He said there's even a legend among Indians of a place on the Ouray Indian Reservation near Roosevelt, where Bigfoot-like creatures have been reported, though he's been unable to get permission to visit the area, sacred to the Indians.
The Utes also have a ceremony of cedar burning that involves the Sasquatch (an Indian name), and Layton said he's aware of some petroglyphs the depict the feet of some hunters way out of proportion to body size and may indicate Indians have had knowledge of Bigfoot for many centuries. Some Indians lore indicates they believe Bigfoot to be a spirit.
If a Bigfoot is ever found or caught, Layton believes it might be in Utah's Uinta Mountains. Layton said a Roosevelt outfitter told him he was approached by Roger Patterson, a hunter who took the most famous video ever of Bigfoot in October 1967, about going into the Uintas to look for Bigfoot in the summer of that year.
Layton also said one author states in the epilogue to a book on Bigfoot that he believes the Uintas will be the likely place where Bigfoot will finally be caught.
Layton's not exactly sure why the Uintas rate so highly as a possible Bigfoot refuge but that theory and the reported evidence of the creature in the Beehive State mean no one has to go to the Pacific Northwest to look for one. He said if a Bigfoot is ever caught, the environmental ramifications would go far beyond the restrictions prompted by the spotted owl in the Northwest and would hit Utah's outdoor country hard.
Layton said there have been tracks found in the Garland, Box Elder County, area in the past five years, a sighting around some North Salt Lake gravel pits on Beck Street about 10 years ago and also some more recent evidence in North Ogden during the past two years, though he declined to comment more on that.

The media reactions and the possibility of ridicule have prevented some people with Bigfoot evidence or experiences from reporting them publicly, Layton said. (6)


(1) "Did Bigfoot visit small Davis town? Citizens buzz," Ogden Standard Examiner, by John Harrington, Feb. 12, 1980.
(2) From a personal conversation with Edna Arave, aunt of the author of this blog.
(3) 'Bigfoot' sighted now in Riverdale," Ogden Standard Examiner, by Bert Strand, Feb. 27, 1980.
(4-5) From reports collected by Ryan Layton, of Layton.
(6) "Tracking Bigfoot: Real or not, creature haunts us," Deseret News, by Lynn Arave, April 1, 1994.

Chapter 3: The Utah Man Who Saw 

Bigfoot 9 Times!

                               Ron Mower

YOU'VE heard of animal magnetism? How about Bigfoot magnetism? 
Ron Mower, a construction worker, seems to attract Bigfoot.  He claims to have seen the legendary ape-like creature nine times in Utah between 1968 and 1990.
 "At times, I think I've been singled out," said Mower, who later told some of experiences at the 1997 International Sasquatch Symposium in Vancouver, B.C. 
"Maybe I'm blessed to be able to have this happen. . . . People think you're crazy, but there's been a lot of activity." 
 Mower's closest encounter with one of the creatures, he said, was some 30 feet away and witnessed by his entire family of six on a remote highway. 
The encounter occurred on a winter evening in 1990 when the Mowers suddenly stopped their truck at the top of Fairview Canyon, north of Orangeville, to avoid hitting something in the middle of the road.  That "something" turned out to be a Bigfoot. The creature stood there  - 30 to 40 feet away - for five minutes, clearly in the vehicle's headlights, Mower said.  
Mower is not alone. Thousands of people across North America and other parts of the world have reported seeing tall, hairy bipeds roaming about the hinterland this century.  In numerous cultures, stories have been handed down through the ages about a mysterious being known variously as Bigfoot or Sasquatch in North America, and as Yeti or the Abominable Snowman in the Eastern Hemisphere.
Bigfoot tracks were reported in the western United States as long ago as 1810 by David Thompson, a surveyor and trader who spotted giant footprints near the Columbia River Gorge.   But nearly 150 years passed before the legend became prominent in American culture. The creature generated headlines in 1967 when Roger Patterson took what is still the most well-known film footage of an apparent Bigfoot, a one-minute segment taken in northern California. 
 More than 100 Utah and southern Idaho sightings have been documented since the 1930s, according to Bigfoot researcher Ryan Layton of Layton. But Layton admits the rest of the research community may not be aware of the creature's apparent presence here.
Utah is becoming more and more known as one of the states that has a bulk of the sightings, Layton said. 
Mower definitely believes there's a supernatural aspect to Bigfoot, and that this mysterious being is more than some gorilla-like animal running loose in the wilderness.
 He also believes Bigfoot to be very intelligent. "He, she or it are very perceptive," he said. "They know our intentions."
Layton said the number of sightings Mower has reported is incredible, but feels Mower is more than just lucky. Layton believes Mower has been singled out by the creatures for some unknown reason. He also says he suspects the creatures may be telepathic. 
 All of Mower's sightings, he says, have taken place in two basic areas - the High Uintas (south of Kings Peak) and the Manti-LaSal Mountains (about 25 miles from his Orangeville home).

 "Other folks down here have seen things too, but they don't want to talk about it," Mower said.  
He said a former game warden in the Orangeville area saw plenty of Bigfoot evidence during his long career but didn't talk about it much for fear of ridicule. Mower is calm, conservative and factual when he talks about his Bigfoot experiences.
Mower also recounted his adventures to a dozen people gathered at a "Bigfoot party" in Liberty, Weber County. during 1997. 

While all nine experiences have been startling for him, some were more frightening than others. He believes some Sasquatches radiate evil. Others just appear curious. 

Mower said his companions have been more frightened by Bigfoot. Some of his relatives have trembled during their joint sightings. His dog cowers and hides, while his horses stand there and shake, he said.   If you see a Bigfoot with red eyes, Mower advises, it's best to stay away. 

Those are the ones he believes may have less-than-peaceful intentions.  Mower has been armed with a rifle during most of his Bigfoot experiences, but he said he's never considered using it. 

The creatures haven't directly threatened him, he says.  Mower is an avid hunter and fisherman, hobbies that have contributed to his many encounters. Still, he says, he doesn't find Bigfoot. They seem to find him when he's least expecting it.
"They choose the time for when you can see them," he said. "I've never really hunted for one."
Mower is not sure but suspects there may be some kind of barrier that prevents the creatures from being seen. "It's a veil. When it opens, you'll see. Out of the blue he'll be there and just as quickly he'll be gone." 
 He said he's watched Bigfoot cover steep ground gracefully, like big game animals, and usually the creature vanishes into the cover of the forest.
As luck would have it, Mower has never had a camera with him during his nine Bigfoot sightings, although he now carries one with him more often. "Maybe with a camera I'd never see him," he offered.   
Mower describes Bigfoot as very tall, 7-foot-plus and more slender than most artists' conceptions. They're black in color, sometimes with a hint of red. They have a very human-like face, although it is thick with hair, Mower said.  
Most of the creatures Mower has seen have looked back at him with what he calls a "What-do-you-want?" stare. And while they've watched his every move, Mower said they otherwise don't seem all that concerned with his presence. "You parallel each other," Mower explained. "When I'm with them I want to learn more, not run or hide. . . . For that bit of time, you're content with what you've got."   

He said he's hunted bear, cougar and other big game, but there's nothing like a Bigfoot -- nor the overwhelming body odor that accompanies them. 

Despite the fear associated with the sightings, Mower said the experiences always make him want to seek after the creature. It's a mixture of fright and curiosity.  "I'm not afraid to go into the woods," he said.  

Mower hasn't seen a Sasquatch recently. He attributes the lapse to various circumstances. His wife, Diane, died in January, and Mower spent less time in the mountains during her long battle with cancer.  

Mower, however, believes the creature has been nearby on several occasions and at least once came close to his home. In those instances, Mower's dog behaved the same way he did when the two encountered Bigfoot in the mountains.  

Mower lived in an Orangeville neighborhood near the foothills of the Manti-LaSal Mountains during the time of the sightings. Has Bigfoot followed him home? Mower thinks so, but isn't sure how.  

What's Mower's best advice for getting your own glimpse of Bigfoot? He recommends being very observant and listening to your feelings in the woods.  "I believe some people may see Bigfoot and not recognize him," Mower said. "They shrug it off." 

--Distilled from a June 7, 1997 article in the Deseret News by Lynn Arave, with a contribution by  Zack Van Eyck.

NOTE: Mower was age 40 in 1997. He has since moved out of Utah and was last believed living in Montana.

Chapter 4: Utah Makes It Mark on the Bigfoot National Map.

As big as the 1980 South Weber Bigfoot sightings were in northern Utah, the Beehive State didn't seem to be considered a hotbed for Sasquatch activity until the 21st Century.
At the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake, there were several foreign reporters who made queries regarding "Bigfoot" in Utah's mountains.

(Previously, there was a second-hand report from a national Bigfoot hunter who supposedly said in the late 1990s that if  Bigfoot was ever to be found and verified anywhere in the world, it would likely be in Utah's High Uintas territory.)

Then, in 2007, the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) made its first expedition to Utah in search of evidence of the elusive creature.

In the summer of 2008, the BFRO did a second expedition into Utah.
This time around, BFRO newcomer John R. Salmond  of Utah was among those who headed to a remote corner of northeastern Utah during June that year,  in search of a legend.
Salmond, age 44 at the time, helped explore the Ashley National Forest near the Utah-Wyoming border for five days looking for elusive Bigfoot evidence. Founded in 1995, BFRO claims to be the only scientific organization dedicated to finding Bigfoot.
Some 26 years prior, when he was 18, Salmond, of Clearfield, said he discovered three sets of footprints of varying size while on a Boy Scout trip in southwestern Wyoming. In his mind only one type of creature could have made those tracks: Bigfoot.
Since then, Salmond said he's recorded knocks and whistle sounds that fit the evolving profile of a Bigfoot or sasquatch. He has viewed strange night-time thermal images of something he can't quite describe. And he says he has even had rocks thrown at him in the darkness of the High Uinta Mountains by what he believes was one of the large, hairy nonhuman primates that, according to folklore, roam North America.
"I've had some experiences," he said. "I can't deny what I saw."
Purported sightings in Utah are not uncommon. In June of 2009, Ryan Burns said he spotted a strange, hairy creature in the forest south of his home.
"I saw a reddish figure," he said. "At first, I thought it was a person in a fur coat."
Burns, who runs a bed and breakfast in Duchesne, said he had a weird feeling about what he was seeing. He said the figure looked at him and "disappeared into the brush." He raced after it on horseback, but it eluded him. He doesn't believe a human could move away that quickly, and he said few people ever frequent the rugged area he was in.
A member of the BFRO's 2007 expedition to Utah, Burns believes from the recent sighting and other experiences that Bigfoot is real.
Experiences like those Burns and Salmond describe are the reason Bigfoot researchers are returning to Utah.
"Our target area (in Utah) has everything we look for," said Caroline Curtis, secretary/investigator with Florida-based, which besides the Utah trip had 16 other expeditions in the U.S. and Canada planned that year. "The location is kept secret, not just to keep it unspoiled, but also for safety and scientific purposes."
The group participating in the 2009 hunt were relatively small, about 25, including investigators and first-time participants. The team set up a base camp from which it ventured out in search of clues during the day. At night they used night vision cameras and sat around the campfire swapping Bigfoot stories.
Sadly, neither the 2007, or the 2008 BFRO expeditions to Utah yielded any concrete results of Bigfoot.
Reported Bigfoot sightings vary, but according to folks like Curtis, 80 percent happen at night and are usually in the mountains, the foothills or near open spaces. Most involve a creature who is reserved, though a little curious. Bigfoot may watch a camp in the mountains from a distance, but is rarely aggressive.
Some people reported their trucks or campers being rocked by a Bigfoot, but Utah Bigfoot expert Ryan Layton says that is rare. A foul odor usually permeates a Bigfoot encounter, he said.
While few scientists give Bigfoot's existence any credence, one who does is Jeffrey Meldrum, a professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University who has two zoology degrees from BYU. He is the author of the book "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science," a companion to the Discovery Channel documentary of the same name. Dubbed by some as America's "Bigfoot professor," he's been a believer ever since he came across 15-inch footprints a decade ago in the woods near Walla Walla, Wash.
"I'm not trying to proselytize that Bigfoot exists," Meldrum told the Associated Press. "I place legend under scrutiny and my conclusion is, absolutely, Bigfoot exists."
Most people scoff at Bigfoot reports — Meldrum's colleagues at ISU signed a petition when he hosted a Bigfoot symposium on campus and some of his fellow science professors want his tenure revoked. Detractors point out that to date scientists have not found fossil evidence to support the existence of a nomadic apeman.
Layton, an independent Utah Bigfoot researcher who lives in Layton, believes Utah Bigfoot sightings go largely under reported because the possibility of ridicule prevents many people from coming forward.
Layton has interviewed numerous people who claim Bigfoot sightings since 1980, and said he believes the majority told the truth — they saw something they can't explain."I respect their viewpoint," new BFRO member Salmond said of nonbelievers. "I'm not here to convince them. … There's a lot of mysteries in the world still to discover." 
(-From the author's personal experience, as well as from a Deseret News Article, "Bigfoot: a search in Utah," June 24, 2009, A1, by Lynn Arave. )

After the two BFRO expeditions, Utah was mentioned, or appeared in several TV shows, like "Finding Bigfoot," by Animal Planet.

Also, in 2011, the Web Site,  (by Bryan Johnson) ranked the top 20 best videos of Bigfoot. A Jan. 3, 2011 video of a possible Sasquatch in the Wasatch Mountains is listed as No. 2, ranking only behind the famous Patterson film of the late 1960s.

And, on the morning in Nov. 11, 2000, a Layton man was filming the Wasatch Mountains to the east with his zoom on when he spotted something strange moving across the lower hillside.
He filmed it for more than three minutes, until it disappeared into the brush.
(The man was scanning the hillside for deer.)
Whatever it is, slowly crosses a clearing in the snow. The camera is hundreds and hundreds of yards away, on the west side of Highway 89. Thus, it is not conclusive, but it is just a weird, kind of eerie jaunt across the mountainside.
Right after filming, the man went to the spot where the creature had been watched. He surprisingly found not tracks in the snow, though he was leaving tracks himself.
This video can be viewed on YouTube at:

It has been accessed by more than 500 people.
The location of the filming is less than a mile from the mouth of Weber Canyon and only several miles from where the 1980 Bigfoot sightings took place in South Weber.


Chapter 5: Does Bigfoot Have a Zip Code of 84310?

Does Bigfoot in Utah have a Zip Code of 84310 ... that's for the Eden/Liberty area of Ogden Valley?
It seems so given the history of the place in sightings the last few decades.
There have been plenty of sightings, smellings and track finding reported in this Zip Code area -- and they continue to date.
Following the South Weber sightings in 1980, some have assumed a big lull in Utah sightings. However, they just seem to have shifted to the northeast, to the Eden/Liberty area.
(In fact, if you take an Ogden area map, you can draw a rectangle from North Ogden to Eden and that will include more single Bigfoot sightings than anywhere else in Utah.)
Ogden Valley itself is the true hotbed for Utah Bigfoot sightings and exceeds what South Weber has experienced many dozen of times over.
Eden became known as Bigfoot territory back on May 17,1997 when a "Bigfoot Party" was held at the home of Shawn Knight  in Liberty.
(Knight was a defensive tackle at Brigham Young University from 1982-1986 and is a Hall of Fame player for the Cougars. He was also drafted into the NFL by New Orleans.)
More than a dozen people attended this party where many talked candidly about their Bigfoot experiences.
Some of those in attendance who signed an address list at the gathering included:  Lynn Arave, Larry Beeson, Bruce Champagne, Rudy Drobnick, Robin Griffin, Larry Jones, Shawn Knight, Ryan Layton, Ron Mower, Dick Robinson, Darrell Smith and Todd and Lisa Weakland.
Drobnick, a retired biologist for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, said at that gathering that he believes in Bigfoot.
He said as of 1997, that more than 160 Bigfoot sightings in Utah. had been reported.
He said the sightings locations included the Wasatch Mountains, Uinta Mountains, Wasatch Plateau, Awapa Plateau, plus the East and West Tataputs Plateau "by reputable people."
"In nearly all cases the sightings were made incidental to other activities, such as hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, or general travel," Drobnick stated.
He noted that some feel Bigfoot is paranormal, or even connected to UFOs.
"Whatever the status, Bigfoot has been a very elusive creature, to say the least," Drobnick said.

Layton, from Layton, has been gathering Bigfoot tales in Utah since the South Weber events of 1980, and is one of the state’s most experienced authorities on Sasquatch.
Mower is the man who saw Bigfoot nine different times.
Smith, who has since died, was an avid Bigfoot enthusiast, who was also fascinated with the appearance of Bigfoot and who created some of his own costumes, resembling he creature.
"Even if we never have the physical evidence to prove to the science community that Bigfoot exists, we all know there are unexplained events in this world," Todd Weaklend wrote in a paper he mailed out to participants after the Bigfoot party.
Weaklend said he was a skeptic before the party, but afterward is now convinced there is something like a Bigfoot tromping around.
Also at the 1997 Bigfoot party was a woman from Liberty who didn’t want her name in print, but who has also spotted Bigfoot in the area.
“Mary,” as we will call her, said she and her three sons were out for a quick morning hike on July 4, 1996 before they were headed to some Independence Day activities in Ogden Valley.
Upon reaching a gully, she recounted of that morning that she had a horrible, frightening feeling. Still, they all continued hiking and came across some large 16-inch footprints with only three toes.
“That was terrifying,” she said.
Then everything went silent – the birds, the bugs – and impending doom seemed to fill the air. Then she spotted what at first she thought was a large man in a hairy suit.
“I was filled with the worst fear,” she said when she realized this was no stunt, but an actual Sasquatch.
Her biggest fear was for her children, but she felt an impression from the creature that he wasn’t going to attack.
“It was like it was telling me, ‘It’s OK. You’re fine.’ I knew it wasn’t going to come after us.”

Still, her youngest son went into shock after seeing the creature.
For some two months afterward, Mary said she felt sick every time she recalled the experience. Finally, in September of that same year she felt enough courage to go back to the area and confront her fear.
She heard some banging on some old farm equipment in that same gully and also smelled a terrible odor. She knew the creature was nearby.
Before leaving, she decided to snap a photograph of the same trees where she had spotted Bigfoot before. Days later when the photographs were developed she noticed a dark outline in one of the pictures.
She had that particular picture blown up. A brother, who is a computer expert, was able to identify two eyes and a mouth in the hazy shape – it was definitely a 3D figure. Mary believe she had somehow taken a photo of Bigfoot without knowing.
“I haven’t been back to that gully since,” she said.
Mary admits that people think she is crazy.
“I can’t deny it. But they’re so elusive … I was told I was in Bigfoot country.”
Mary said her experience is like a belief in God – something so strong that you can’t deny it
Mary’s daughter in 1998 claimed she spotted a Bigfoot outside her Liberty home one evening one evening. Later, Mary’s husband claims he heard bone-chilling screams one evening that  locals usually attribute to Bigfoot.
The decision for “Mary” to not use her real name is fairly common. It was motivated by a discussion with her family and their concern for ridicule.
Besides Mary’s experiences, some strange three-toed tracks were also reported in the snow in Liberty during the winter of 1998-1999.
Ryan Layton wonders if Coldwater Canyon isn’t some sort of path for Bigfoot, as he travels from Ogden Valley to North Ogden.
“We know they’re there,” Layton said.
Bigfoot experiences continued into the 21st Century in Ogden Valley.  By then, Dave Carver, who lives in that area, had also become an enthusiastic believer.
In the summer of 2010, he organized “Dave’s Bigfoot Show.”
The Deseret News on Aug. 20, 2010, provided a lengthy report on the gathering.
Held in a park behind the Texas Pride BBQ restaurant in Huntsville, it was a chance for some people to tell their strange tales of the unexplained.
 Purported sightings of a strange creature fitting the description of Bigfoot date back to at least 1968, and interest in the elusive beast has never been higher here.
Bob Taylor, who owns a tire store in Roy, said he was on an archery hunt in Scare Canyon, east of Ogden Valley, in the mid-1980s when he watched something roaming around and stepping over a wire fence as if it wasn't even there. He said what he saw fits Bigfoot descriptions.
"It's undeniable to me," he said. "I saw what I saw. … I've never seen anything like it."
Doug Wilson said he and two other men were traveling up the Powder Mountain road back in 1965 searching for deer with a spotlight when they saw some sort of creature with eerie eyes.
"We never really decided what we saw," he said, explaining they rarely dared talk about it.
During the three-hour event, host and organizer David L. Carver, of Eden, talked with more than a dozen eyewitnesses from the area about their alleged sightings of Bigfoot.
"For every (eyewitness) person that's here, I could have brought three more," Carver said, explaining that sightings in the North Fork, North Ogden, Monte Cristo, Powder Mountain, Causey Reservoir and Mountain Green areas seem to be the most plentiful, along with the high Uintas region to the east.
Nick and Jamie Froerer and a friend talked about a sighting they had in the fall of 1997 at the summit of the North Ogden divide road.
They saw something weird cross the road after dark and stopped, thinking it was someone pranking them.
However, "that wasn't a guy in some suit," Nick Froerer said.
"The hair on my neck was standing. We were just shaking," Jamie Froerer said.
Jay Barker of North Ogden said he operated the Cold Springs Trout Farm in North Ogden. One morning in the early 1980s, he found large footprints around the farm and several dozen fish scattered about the lawn.
"I have a cast, 14 inches long with five toes," he said, adding the creature took some of his fish.
Soon after, he said, one of his neighbors spotted a creature — fitting the Bigfoot description — running off with one of his smaller pigs in hand.
The neighbor had a gun. "He pulled the trigger, and it didn't go off," Barker said, and the creature escaped up Coldwater Canyon. Later, the neighbor reused the same bullet, and the gun did fire.
"Bigfoot apparently can't be killed, and he likes fish and pork," Barker said. "He exists. It's a mystery."
Barker also recounted one of the state's first reported Bigfoot sightings, which he and seven other people had in the Cuberant Lakes/Fish Lake area of the high Uintas in 1977. He said they watched a Bigfoot there for about three minutes.
Later that same night, Dave Beeson, a member of that group, said they heard weird screams and the sound of breaking timber back at camp. Something pushed against their tent in the night, collapsed it and then sat on it for a long time with several terrified boys trapped underneath.
After the tale telling program in Huntsville, Ogden resident Rob Alley said he thought it was enlightening. "I enjoyed the Bigfoot show," he said. But he isn't concerned about Bigfoots roaming around the area, since they've never physically hurt a person.
Julianne Salazar also said the show was interesting and that she has had her own Bigfoot experience in Weber County.
"I've smelled it and heard it," she said, adding she wouldn't be surprised if one resides in the area. She believes there are many local Bigfoot stories yet to be heard.
Her husband, David Salazar, said he has a strong interest in Bigfoot, too.
Overhearing conversions at the show, there were few skeptics. Most seemed to accept that Bigfoot frequents Ogden Valley on a regular basis.
In 2011, Carver also held two more Bigfoot shows. One was part of the Weber County Fair and attracted about 500 people.
At that gathering, Carver asked for a show of hands on how many there had personally seen Bigfoot. Six people raised their hand.
Then, when asked by a show of hands how many personally knew someone who had seen Bigfoot, more than two dozen raised their hand.
Carver said the North Fork area around Liberty, Ogden Valley, has had many sightings over the years.
While he admitted Bigfoot has terrified many an onlooker over the years, "Nobody's going to get killed by Bigfoot," he said.
(Sources: personal notes and interviews by the author.)

Chapter 6: Is Bigfoot Supernatural?

"Bigfoot," the term at least, has been around since October of 1958, when the Associated Press ran a story out of Eureka, California, that is believed to be the first official usage of the term.
The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, founded in 1995, has given the quest for evidence even greater hope. However, after 18-plus years of them taking a scientific approach, even they have come up short of conclusive evidence.
I'm not faulting anyone, or any particular group here. Even with infrared equipment, night vision and automatic sensors and cameras, there is still no solid evidence of Bigfoot.
And, I don't expect any such evidence to ever come either and there's a good reason why. Bigfoot is simply not "real."
Now I don't mean he doesn't exist, I'm purporting that Bigfoot just isn't "real" in the sense that he isn't an animal. 
He's supernatural and that alone and nothing else on the planet (outside the theory Bigfoot can dimension shift at will) truly explains his elusive nature.
 Nothing else answers why with all this 21st Century electronic technology and searching, man is yet to capture undeniable evidence of him.

      If Bigfoot is supernatural, a gun would be useless against him.                             Image by Darrell Smith

People regularly see Bigfoot and so there is something out there. I've talked to many people who have seen him and I don't think they are making anything up.
It's simply impossible that man has yet to confirm Bigfoot, unless he is supernatural. That's the only explanation left.
With just all the cell phones that have built-in cameras around, you'd think someone would come up with a good picture of the creature, but no.
In fact, one cartoon showed a family of Bigfoots receiving a family portrait photograph and the mother of the group exclaimed something like, "Why are all our pictures always fuzzy?"

Is "supernatural" that hard of a concept to believe in? It is no harder than believing in God and angels. You know it is a package deal — if you believe in God and his angels, then you also believe in Satan and his devils — supernatural forces that are counter to God.
(The only people who could legitimately claim to not believe in Bigfoot by this argument are atheists.)
The key problem here is man won't generally admit there are things on Earth beyond his grasp or comprehension. This is perhaps simply a lack of humility and man's arrogance.
But, am I saying Bigfoot is evil? Yes, that is what I am claiming. He is certainly not a good or pure thing. A significant number of accounts by people who sighted the creature mention glowing red eyes, their deep fear and just plain bad and even evil feelings.
Dogs often cower and tremble when a Bigfoot is near.
Bigfoot has a terrible odor, is mostly spotted at night and no sightings of the creature foster benevolent feelings or actions.
Angels are commonly thought to be pure — clean, white, bright and inspiring beings.
Isn't Bigfoot the exact opposite of angels? He being (usually) dark in color, smelly, found in dark places and not inspirational. He fosters fear and mystery. I can't think of anyone I've talked to about a purported Bigfoot experience, who wasn't fearful or apprehensive of the creature.
Now to be accurate, the Bible does state that Satan can appear as an angel of light (1 Corinthians 11:13-15) and so maybe only more lowly devils appear as a Bigfoot. I don't know…
Physically, a Bigfoot may not harm a person, but seeing one may "maul" you mentally or spiritually.
If God has angels out and about to aid his mission and benefit man, should not Satan also be given a measure to counter that, with his own creatures, seen and unseen?
In that sense, if you believe in God and angels, you have to believe in Satan and Bigfoot, because they are a package deal of consistent belief.
If I'm in any way correct on this supernatural aspect of Bigfoot, it must re-define the way man searches for the creature, if he dares.
Anyone wanting better evidence of Bigfoot has got to think outside the box and perhaps use more techniques that employed by ghost hunters, another realm dominated by the supernatural.
You can take all the cameras and all the people you want into the mountains to search Bigfoot and I say you may find some marginal evidence, but that will be all. That's because Bigfoot is outside the normal experience or knowledge of man.
Bigfoot is certainly visible at times and can make tracks at times, but not always. Neither are angels always visible.
The fact that hundreds of people a year in the U.S. see a Bigfoot and yet no one has ever, ever been able to get a clear photograph or video of one that would remove doubt -- or find a dead body or skeleton -- also supports the supernatural aspect of Sasquatch.
I've never seen a Bigfoot, but I've searched for them periodically. For example, in the mid-1990s I was scouring Coldwater Canyon in North Ogden, Ut., where the creature was said to have frightening some children a few weeks earlier.
Soon, my two sons and their friends told me they had looked long enough and were simply not hiking any farther up the canyon. I left them at a spring and forged on alone, as the canyon got darker, narrower and more thick with brush and trees.
About 15 minutes later, the firm thought came into my mind that searching for Bigfoot is not a good thing — that you really don't want to find one, because they are evil.
Two years later, I interviewed a man who claimed he had seen Bigfoot nine different times between 1968 and 1990. Ron Mower, then living in Orangeville, Ut.
I've never heard of anyone claiming so many encounters. He told me he believes there is a supernatural aspect to Bigfoot, that he finds you, more than you him.
“They choose the time for when you can see them. I’ve never really hunted for one," he told me.
In 2000, a Layton, Ut. man was scouring the mountain side with a scope for wildlife. He spots a strange creature roaming in the foothills above the Highway 193/U.S. 89 junction. He gets his camcorder and films the creature for about five minutes from about 500 yards away. A few hours later, he goes into that same area and despite snow on the ground, cannot find a single footprint or aftermath of the creature's walk across an open space. His video footage is intriguing, but inconclusive from such a great distance away.
How could someone film something walking across an area and then soon after find no tracks? It is simply not scientifically possible for that to happen. But it did and that leaves my supernatural reason as the best answer out there.
Here's a link to the video of that 2000 Bigfoot film from Layton, Utah:

The Layton man captured the creature on film from a great distance, but found no footprints. Many others find strange footprints, but no creature.
A Box Elder County, Ut. sheriff in the 1990s was following some strange footprints in a farmer's field one winter. The footprints fit the usually Bigfoot parameters — large and naked toed. However, the footprints simply stopped in the middle of the field, with no turnaround visible.
Incidents like this tend to bring up the "UFO connection" at times. That is, that Bigfoot is part of advanced scientific race and can "beam away" or change dimensions at will.
That belief might be OK for atheists to latch onto, but I'm not buying it, nor should anyone else who believes in a God. Bigfoots are naked, smelly and do nothing that denotes extreme intelligence — unless you count avoiding capture.
Why are Bigfoots roaming around? Christians believe God has translated various mortals over time, like John the apostle (John Chapter 21) and if they roam around earth and foster good, why are there not some evil things roaming around to balance the scales?
Also, Bigfoot is opposite of an angel in another area. Angels are often depicted by the shining halos atop their heads, while Bigfoots are mainly characterized by their huge naked feet -- at the opposite end.
Another key question to ponder is why are there a dozen or more Bigfoot sightings reported each month in the U.S. vs. few reports, if any, of sightings of angels. What does that say about us? Is the evil state of the world somehow creating more Bigfoot sightings?
Are more Bigfoot sightings happening because the world is more evil?
Yet, shouldn't we seek angels before devils?
Also, if Bigfoot is supernatural, it is likely part of a much larger unseen world. Is Bigfoot the "tip of the iceberg" of a supernatural world?


Chapter 7: Could Bigfoot Be Cain From the 

Whatever “Bigfoot” may be, and real or not, one thing is a 

clear scriptural fact – he is not Cain from the Biblical Book 

of Genesis. 

The scriptures simply prove Cain died thousands of years 


Anyone reading Genesis 4:15 should be able to realize that 

God did not make Cain immortal. Cain could be killed (since 

God warned  everyone not to kill Cain, or be cursed worse).

“And the Lord said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth 

Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the 

Lord set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill 

him.” (Genesis 4:15).

Unless God is a liar, Cain, though a son of perdition, could 

be killed and was therefore not translated, or given any 

special longevity.

Therefore, there’s no way then Cain could have survived old 

age or the flood.

And, Genesis 4:23-24 tells of Lamech, who killed an 

unidentified man.

“If Cain shall be avenged seven fold, truly Lamech seventy 

and sevenfold.” (Genesis 4:24).

So, it is possible that Lamech may have actually killed Cain 

some time later, because first Lamech referenced the 

penalty for killing Cain and then said he felt his own death 

should carry a higher penalty than killing Cain did.

Any way you look at it, Cain is long since dead.

Some members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 

Saints (Mormons) starting believing Cain to be Bigfoot (also 

called  Sasquatch), in the winter of 1980, after there was a 

flurry of Bigfoot sightings in South Weber, Utah.

Those many, and high publicized sightings of Bigfoot, 

referenced with pages 127-128 of Spencer W. Kimball’s 

book, “Miracle of Forgiveness,” seemed to support Cain as 


“Miracle,” published in 1969, states an account by Elder David W. 

Patten (one of the  early apostles in Joseph Smith’s time) and his 

strange experience, where he met "a very remarkable person who 

had represented himself as being Cain."

Patten’s account states:

“As I was riding along the road on my mule I suddenly noticed a 

very strange personage walking beside me. … His head was about 

even with my shoulders as I sat in my saddle. He wore no clothing, 

but was covered with hair. His skin was very dark. I asked him 

where he dwelt and he replied that he had no home, that he was a 

wanderer in the earth and traveled to and fro. He said he was a 

very miserable creature, that he had earnestly sought death during 

his sojourn upon the earth, but that he could not die, and his 

mission was to destroy the souls of men. About the time he 

expressed himself thus, I rebuked him in the name of the Lord 

Jesus Christ and by virtue of the Holy Priesthood, and commanded 

him to go hence, and he immediately departed out of my sight. …"

Elder Kimball offered no insight on the Elder Patten incident – he 

just threw it in his book, as a sort of odd tidbit.

LDS Church members who have at best only done a casual reading 

of Genesis, could logically, yet erroneously conclude that Bigfoot 

must be Cain, once they know of Elder Patten’s incident.

And, no area of the world has more church members residing in it, 

than the populous Wasatch Front, where the 1980 Bigfoot 

sightings took place.

Plus, Cain as Bigfoot makes Bigfoot supernatural and conveniently 

explains why no one has been able to document or capture Bigfoot.

This Elder Patten tale is also not the only LDS tale of a possible 

encounter with Cain either. In the 1920s, E. Wesley Smith, mission 

president in Hawaii, described (in the "Papers of E. Wesley Smith" 

in the LDS Church Archives) being attacked by a large, hairy 

creature. He drove it off by the power of the priesthood. Later, 

when he described the attack to his brother, Joseph Fielding Smith, 

he was told it was Cain and was given a copy of the Patten 


(To date, this may be the ONLY known account of a possible 

Bigfoot sighting in the State of Hawaii, as the BFRO has none.)

Since Cain died, he would have ended up in the spirit world, where 

all dead people go. Even Jesus Christ, the Son of God, himself 

went there when he died. Christ left the spirit world after three 

days, being resurrected.

That’s the only way to exit the spirit world I’m aware of – be 

resurrected too, so Cain would still be there – likely in the prison 

section of the Spirit World.

Why did David W. Patten’s visitor claim to be Cain?

I believe even the devils, the one-third of the host of heaven cast 

out for rebellion, recognize that Cain will be the supreme evil 

being one day. Having a body of flesh and bone one day through 

eventual resurrection will mean that Cain will rule over a body-less 

Satan. (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, page 169.)

That’s because anyone with a body has power over a spirit. A 

spirit, like a devil, only has power over us as we permit it.

Anyway, if a devil is going to impersonate the big shot of 

evil, that’s Cain.

Why did Joseph Fielding Smith tell his brother Cain had 

attacked him?

I think the then Apostle Joseph Fielding Smith knew of the 

Elder Patten account, but did not ponder the Cain 

situation through – he just assumed incorrectly it was Cain 

in both cases, as that’s such an easy, convenient answer.


Chapter 8: Bigfoot Sightings List For Utah

                      Above illustration from the Deseret News, April 1, 1993

Searching for Bigfoot? 

According to this sightings list, the High Uintas, the North Ogden Area and Ogden Valley are the most likely places to catch a glimpse of the elusive creature in the Beehive State.
(Hence, "Sasq-Wasatch," because northern Utah exceeds all other areas of the state in Bigfoot sightings.)

HERE'S  a list of some of the reported Bigfoot sightings in Utah, from the more recent to the oldest.
This list doesn't profess to be all-inclusive, but does contain what are likely many previously unlisted or reported sightings.

(Note that many people who have saw, or heard Bigfoot, do not want their names used publicly, for fear of ridicule.)

September 2016:
A family driving west of Provo, near the airport, has a possible Bigfoot encounter. A child in the backseat filming the cornfields going by spots a large hairy figure at the edge of one field and asks "What was that?"
The video, spotlighted in the Sept. 14, 2016 Provo Daily Herald newspaper, is too fleeting to know for sure what the dark figure was.

February 2016:
The Paranormal Review group has a channel on YouTube, highlighting some Bigfoot sightings, including some recent ones in Payson Canyon and also on the Alpine Loop, in Utah County. They include some good video footage of sightings.
The address is:

November 24, 2015, in the mountains of Weber County:
 Here’s further proof that Weber County is a hotbed for Sasquatch activity. A report from a Utah man --
“This past Tuesday, Nov 24th 2015, I and a friend did a 6-hour nighttime hike through an area we had determined to be active. That night we found and photographed dozens of tracks, documented over 50 tree structures, saw hundreds of tree breaks, and then actually encountered 3 separate individuals. We have photos and videos of many of the tracks, breaks, structures, and even an audio recording that captures part of the bluff charge (from what we determined to be the alpha male). All three individuals were encountered along game trails at high altitude. Many of you know that I like to do eyewitness sketch depictions, but what I haven’t been very public about is that I also head a local research team. We are very serious about logging all data on maps and finding behavioral/habitual patterns. Thanks to this podcast and the help of other life-long researchers, we were able to finally locate an active group. It was the most amazing experience of my life.”
(The exact location for this activity is being kept secret for now, to preserve the research. Stay tuned … )

November 12, 2016: A father and son were fishing on the lower Provo River, near Deer Creek Dam, when they had medium sized rocks thrown near them. They dismissed the incidents and kept fishing until they heard a loud yell just before dusk. They then departed and went home, wondering if a Bigfoot wanted them out of the area.


August 2014: A man at truck stop in Tooele, west of Salt Lake City, was scanning the nearby mountains with binoculars for wildlife, just before sunrise one morning. He said he spotted what looked like a Bigfoot climbing up the hillside. He also said the creature soon stopped and turned and appeared to somehow know he was being watched. The man became alarmed, stopped looking and when he again picked up his binoculars, he could not locate the beast again.

 June 2014: A man and woman driving the narrow road past Sundance, near Provo Canyon, in the dark, spot something large watching them amidst the aspen trees.
They have video (very inconclusive), but believe they saw something strange, that was standing upright.

                                    The mouth of Ogden Canyon.

Late May 2013: -- 
An Ogden man, Todd Man, said saw he a Bigfoot near the hot water spring at the mouth of Ogden Canyon at 2 a.m. one night. This was his second sighting there in two years. He heard someone nearby yell 'it's a monster!' (Source: Ogden Standard Examiner, "Sasquatch Skull?" by Mark Saal, B-1,8, June 23, 2013.) 
-Also, be aware that these hot springs are on private property and their use is discouraged.

           The trail to the Hot Spring, Mouth of Ogden Canyon, is just below the road.

May 2013 -- Possible sightings of the creature, plus Bigfoot prints and handprints found on the Skyline Trail, in the Wasatch Mountains, between North Ogden and Ogden Valley.

April 29, 2013 -- Justin Spencer of North Ogden and friends were canoeing in the south arm of Causey Reservoir, northeast of Ogden Valley. They reported rocks being thrown at them from above by a Bigfoot. (Source:

Spring 2013 -- Some new Bigfoot sightings and tracks are reported in Ogden Valley.

Winter 2012-2013 -- An Eden man, living near Snowcrest Junior High, reported finding barefoot tracks in the snow one morning around his house. He followed the tracks and they simply stopped in the snow, with no apparent walk away.

October 30, 2012 -- Some campers in Provo Canyon, near Squaw Peak and Little Rock Canyon, spotted a black creature in the trees. They got some rough, inconclusive video of the creature, and that went viral on YouTube and made news on some local TV channels.

Summer of 2012 -- Possible Bigfoot sightings are reported near the Sardine Canyon, about halfway up Ogden Canyon. Also, one man said he was in Ogden Canyon, just off the roadway one day and heard a tromping in the trees, like a big animal would make. Then, a large boulder was hurled in his direction.

October 2011 -- A woman driving through Eden, Ogden Valley, at 10:30 p.m. one night, sees a 6 1/2-foot tall, massive creature walking around, from as close as 12-feet away. She believes it was in no way human.

Sept. 3, 2011 -- Two hikers reported seeing a Bigfoot near the large, uppper waterfall in Adams Canyon, about 3 miles east of U.S. Highway 89. This sighting was also reported to Davis County Animal Control by the hikers.

September 2011 -- A hiker near the 29th Street Trailhead in the mountains above Ogden watches a large, dark figure, presumed to be a Bigfoot, as no human could jump as far as it did. (From Michael Slade's "Utah Bigfoot.")

Aug. 11, 2011 -- At "Dave's Bigfoot Show" in Ogden, at the Weber County Fair, a "raise hands" survey is taken among the audience of about 500 people. Six people (1.2 percent) raised their hands when asked if they had personally been a Bigfoot. Some 30 people (six percent) raised their hands when asked who knew someone who had experienced a Bigfoot sighting.

  Summer of 2011 -- Several Boy Scouts spot a Bigfoot in the one of the hollows in Layton.

                      One of the hollows in East Layton where Bigfoot has been sighted.

Spring/Summer of 2011 -- There are numerous and regular sightings, footprints and howls in East Layton, between Corbett Canyon (directly east of the U-193/Highway 89 junction) and south to the Fernwood/"Castle" area.
There are also some reported recent sightings in the hollows that are west of Highway 89, deep into the heart of Layton City.
Some Bigfoot enthusiasts are believing Corbett Canyon is a key travelway for Bigfoot into the valley.
One of the area residents, whose property descends into one of the hollows, said he's seen Bigfoot lurking on his land at night.

June 2011 -- A man, "Dustin" was near by Bear Lake overlook at the top of Logan and said "a tall, brown thing was walking through the trees. He watched it for about five minutes.

April 2011-- An Ogden man, Todd Man, said he a Bigfoot near the hot water spring at the mouth of Ogden Canyon one evening. He said it had a black and silver coat. At first, he thought it was an escaped gorilla. (He had a repeat experience at the same location in May of 2013.) (Source: Ogden Standard Examiner, "Sasquatch Skull?" by Mark Saal, B-1,8, June 23, 2013.)

July 2010 --A man claimed he spotted what could have been Bigfoot three different times in the La Plat area, Weber County, north of Monte Cristo.

July 2009 -- Some backpackers startle a strange figure with white hair near Grandaddy Lake in the High Uintas. (From

June 25-28, 2009 -- The BFRO conduct a Northeast Utah expedition, looking for Bigfoot, near the Ashley National Forest. They frequent an area (exact location not disclosed) with recent activity. They hear some strange sounds at night, but little else. This is the second official BFRO expedition in the Beehive State.

Early June 2009 — Two campers along Reservation Ridge, northwest of Price, were frightened by a strange creature they saw in the area. They quickly packed up and left.
                                       The Flaming Gorge area.
December 7, 2008 — A man driving along state Route 44 three miles west of Flaming Gorge reported seeing an upright figure with eyes that reflected his headlights. It had long black and gray hair and was not afraid of his noisy pickup truck, but soon disappeared into the trees. (From BFRO files.)

Summer of 2008 -- John Salmond of the Utah BFRO reported hearing strange knocking noises one night in the High Uintas. He believes the noises were Bigfoot.

Jan. 8, 2008 — A semi driver on I-15 near Scipio said he had to swerve to avoid hitting what he thought could have been a  bigfoot running across the freeway during foggy conditions. It was hairy and the creature's leg alone was the size of a man's body. The man said it was like looking into the face of a gorilla when he made eye contact. He said he was a Bigfoot skeptic prior to that experience. (From BFRO files.)

October 2007 -- Hunters in the mountains east of Brigham City see a huge hairy creature running through the area. They quickly leave the area terrified of what they saw.

Oct. 20, 2007 -- A deer hunter in the Wellsville Mountains, southwest of Logan, watches a strange black shape through his binoculars. It plows through thick brush at a fast pace and is upright. As it reaches a clearing, the man realizes it is like nothing he has ever seen. The hunter has faced bear and mountain lions, but said this truly made him afraid. He loaded his gun and headed for his vehicle in fear. (From BFRO files.)

                                    Monte Cristo area, the far background. 

Aug. 31, 2007 -- A man in the Monte Cristo area of Weber County reported smelling an awful -- never encountered before -- odor when he visited his property one day. He also noticed some droppings on a fallen tree, that seemed a strange place for an animal to defecate. A grandson later told him that fit the parameters of Bigfoot. Soon after, the grandson was told his grandmother saw something huge and hairy run across the road years earlier in  the same area, causing the grandson to scream in fear. The grandson said he was too young to recall that, but has since heard about a number of others in the La Plat/Hardware Ranch area, who may have had a Bigfoot experience. (From BFRO files.)

Aug. 22, 2007 — A family reported unearthly whoops and howls heard at night in the Yellowstone Canyon area of the High Uintas wilderness area. (From BFRO files.)

June 10, 2007 -- Ryan Burns reported seeing a reddish figure south of Duchesne, on Reservation Ridge. "I thought it looked a person in the fur coat," he said. "It disappeared into the brush." Later, Burns talked to some campers, who a week or so earlier, had spotted a strange figure and who were so frightened, they left the area.

October 2006 -- A Morgan area woman, living not far from East Canyon Reservoir, reported hearing loud screaming sounds at night on numerous occasions. No one in the family took her reports seriously until a son-in-law was camping near the home and heard fierce screams, growls and even hoots at night. (From BFRO files.)

September 2006 — A woman camping in the Monte Cristo area, Cache County, reported seeing a tall, dark figure in the moonlight, about 25 yards away. It was unlike any other animal she had ever seen. Her usually calm dog also had whined and whimpered a lot that night. (From BFRO files.)

July 15, 2006 — A man and other witnesses in the High Uintas near Beth and Trident lakes heard screams at night that they said could have come from a bigfoot.

July 9, 2006 -- A family camping in a desolate area, about 25 miles north of Vernal, hear a powerful whooping sound at night. Later, hearing some recordings on the BFRO Website, they conclude it is the same noise they heard. (From the BFRO files.)

Mid-September 2005 --A couple who had just entered their vehicle at the Sterling Hollow Trailhead in Spanish fork Canyon, see a Bigfoot racing through the area. It was daytime. The couple know it was not a bear or human. (From BFRO files.) 

August 2005 -- Campers in the Lake Fork Campground, below Huntington Canyon (in the Fairview area) said they heard a moaning sound for over an hour. (From BFRO files.)

August 2, 2005 -- Campers in the High Uintas, 25 miles north of Vernal, hear strange whooping sounds in the middle of the night. About 6 of a group of 20 heard the noises. (From BFRO files.)

January 5, 2005 --A snowplow driver in Logan Canyon, near the Franklin Basin turnoff, sees a 7-foot-tall hairy creature walking across the road at night. (From BRFO files.)

December 25, 2004 -- A man driving at night near the mouth of Dryfork Canyon, near Vernal, sees a massive creature cross the road in his vehicle lights. It used its extra long arms, like legs, was at least 7-feet-tall. The creature had briefly turned to look at the vehicle. Later, watching the famous Patterson film, the man said what he saw did look like that creature, minus the breasts. (From the BFRO files.) 

October 2004 — Two men hunting in the Chalk Creek area near Coalville reported seeing a 9-foot-tall black creature unlike anything they had ever seen before. 

August 2004 -- A man trying to imitate Sasquatch vocalizations, get a return call, near the Hoop Lake area, north slope of the High Uintas. The return call was too loud and strange to be man-made, the man reported. Other family members also heard it. (From BFRO files.)

July 5, 2004 -- A family hiking in the Wasatch Mountains, near Aspen Grove, come across a large barefoot print, some 15 inches long and 8 inches wide. The family left frightened, but saw nothing else. (From BFRO files.)

June 2004 -- One man claims to have seen a Bigfoot in the High Uintas. Shortly after, he spots three tall, 7-foot or more men, in Monk type robes.

North entrance to the Lagoon Trail.

May 2003 — Some teenagers (Chad Ellis, Zac Morby, Porter Perkins, Doug Steenblik and Nate Kennaley) in Farmington reported hearing strange noises and smelling and awful odor along the Lagoon Trail east of the amusement park. They also spotted a tall, grayish brown figure in some trees one night when they went along the trail after dark. The powerful noises went on for a month.

March 2004 -- Three men driving down at night to Bountiful on the Skyline Drive dirt road in the Wasatch Mountains spot a crouched creature in their headlights ahead of them. Then, it crossed the road and ran off. (From BFRO files.)

2002 — Various sightings are reported in the Oquirrh Mountains.

October 2002 -- An Eden, Utah woman, said she was driving up Ogden Canyon about 2 a.m. one morning when she saw something huge walk in front of her car, and another vehicle, which both skidded to a stop.

Feb. 13, 2002 -- A couple driving Highway 91, in extreme southwest Utah, near the Shivwits Indian Reservation, spot an 8-foot tall creature crossing the road. (From BFRO files.)

June 12, 2001 -- A man sleeping inside a suburban, about one mile south of the ranger station on U-150 and a half-mile off the road, in the High Uintas, said he awoke and felt he was being watched. He saw a dark figure, some 7-feet-tall in a nearby meadow. Overnight snowfall melted quickly the next day and no tracks could be found., (From BFRO files.)

2001 -- An Ogden Valley woman, "Jeri," spots a Bigfoot running across the road in Ogden Canyon, near the Oaks.Oct. 26, 2000 -- An experienced hunter/wildlife photographer was hunting deer near the Bear Lake summit, southwest of Garden City. He heard some incredibly loud shouts/growls, which frightened a cow moose. He later found a dead moose carcass, but never saw what may have been making the noises -- a Bigfoot. (From BFRO files.)

August 2001 -- A couple fishing at the remote LeBaron Lake in Beaver County, noticed what they thought was a bear drinking 200 yards away. Then, it stood up. They could see it was no bear, or human ... had dark brown hair. It didn't seem to care about their presence, but the couple fished only more public bodies of water after that.

Nov. 11, 2000 -- Layton man scouring the mountainside with a scope spotted a strange creature roaming in the foothills above the state Route 193/U.S. 89 junction. He used his camcorder to film the creature for about five minutes from about 500 yards away. A few hours later, he went into the area and despite snow on the ground, could not find footprints.

April 1999 -- A family gathered one evening at a campfire on the east side of the Tushar Mountains, nears Marysvale, hear branches breaking and screams on the other side of a loud stream nearby. The sounds are powerful and unlike anything this hunting-avid family has ever encountered before. The next summer, some of the same family members are riding ATVs about 10 miles south of Marysvale and discover a large barefoot print while admiring some wildflowers. (From BFRO files.)

Spring 1999 -- A woman driving Ogden Canyon, near Peery Camp,  at 2 a.m. during a rainstorm, sees a large hairy creature along the roadside. At first, she thinks it is a large person in a fur coat.

Winter 1998-1999 -- Some strange three-toed tracks are spotted in the snow around Liberty. A young girl also claimed she saw Bigfoot outside her home one evening.

November 1998: A Liberty man is awakened by some high-pitched screams in the night

November 1997 -- A lone women driving U.S. 89 south at about 8 p.m. in Circleville Canyon said she saw something crouched by the road, about 70 feet away. She slowed down. The creature, not human or bear, rose up, ran across the road and disappeared. (From BFRO files.)

                                      The North Ogden Divide.

Fall of 1997 -- Nick and Jamie Froerer and a friend had a Bigfoot sighting at the summit of the North Ogden divide road. They saw something weird cross the road after dark and stopped, thinking it was someone pranking them.
However, "that wasn't a guy in some suit," Nick Froerer said.
"The hair on my neck was standing. We were just shaking," Jamie Froerer said.

Sept. 15, 1997 -- Family members see a large, hairy creature walk across the road on the North Ogden Divide of the Wasatch Mountains, near Eden at about 12:30 a.m. It was about 8-feet-tall and the vehicle stopped to let it pass. They saw it about 12-feet away. It disappeared,walking up the mountain. They assumed it could be a kid dressed in a gorilla suit, but with no one else around and nowhere to park a vehicle, that seemed very unlikely. (From BFRO files.)

May 17, 1997 -- More than a dozen people attend a "Bigfoot Party" in Eden, to talk about the many recent sightings in the area. Party goers included: Lynn Arave, Larry Beeson, Bruce Champagne, Rudy Drobnick, Robin Griffith, Larry Jones, Shawn Knight, Ryan Layton, Ron Mower, Dick Robinson, Darrell Smith and Todd Weakland.

                                      Looking at the Ogden Valley from Snow Basin.

1997 — Strange footprints are found all over Ogden Valley during the winter.

September 1996: A Liberty woman, "Mary" reported some strange sounds and awful smell in the same area where she and her children had seen Bigfoot several months earlier.

July 4, 1996 — A woman, "Mary"  and her children in Eden, Ogden Valley, reported seeing bigfoot in some brushy areas. "I can't deny it," she said. 

June 1, 1996 --Two women hiking in Escalante National Monument, between the Gulch and Deer Creek, near Boulder, see a strange, large, white-colored creature watching them. They decide to leave the area. (From BFRO files.)

May 1996 -- A man hiking in the Wasatch Mountains, above Pleasant Grove, has an afternoon sighting of a large, red creature in Grove Creek Canyon. It was tall and the man sees it for about 5 seconds, concluding it is Bigfoot he is looking at. He continued to search for the creature on his hike, but saw nothing else. (From BFRO files.)

                                                      Coldwater Canyon

Spring 1996 — A group of children in North Ogden's Coldwater Canyon said they were chased away by a bigfoot. Footprints are also found at the fish farm in North Ogden (by Jay Barker) and separately at Nordic Valley.

1995 -- Larry Beeson of Nordic Valley, in Ogden Valley, said he saw Bigfoot twice in that area. "We know they're here," he said.

April 1995 — A North Ogden resident reported seeing a large, dark, hairy creature in his yard one night. It also ripped a large metal gate out of a fence and hurled it 30 feet away. A teenage boy said he saw bigfoot running alongside a canal.

        Coldwater Canyon, back/center, in North Ogden, a place for Bigfoot sightings.

Spring 1995 --A young girl hiking with friends up Coldwater Canyon in North Ogden claimed she saw a Bigfoot.

July 15, 1994 -- A group of Boy Scouts hiking a trail at night -- under a full moon -- in the High Uintas -- see a tall, dark creature walking upright, some 50 feet away in the trees. They were all frightened and heard something slam against rocks. They don't believe anything that thick could move as smoothly as the creature did. Soon after, a rain washed away any possible tracks. (From BFRO files.)

Summer of 1994 --  A group of young men, merit badge counselors, see what appeared to be a Bigfoot about 10 p.m. on night as they walked back from Scow Lake, about 10 p.m., under a full moon. They are terrified, pick up some large sticks and even get some knives out. They described it as tall and dark and definitely not a bear, an ape or anything they had ever seen before. (From of 1993 -- Some residents in the Pole Patch Subdivision in Pleasant View reported they heard frightening, unearthly screams one night, along with smelling awful odors and sensing something dreadful. Ryan Layton, Bigfoot researcher, finds some possible Bigfoot tracks in deep snow, where a person could not walk without snowshoes, near Coldwater Canyon, North Ogden.

May 1994 -- Two men hiking the Escalante wilderness, near the town of Boulder, Utah, spot a huge white creature on a high ridge. It was paper white. The men didn't know what to make of it until years later when they became familiar with Bigfoot reports. (Source: Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization.)

1992 -- Something dragged around some heavy farm equipment at the Fish Farm in North Ogden. Around the same time -- 10 p.m. one night, an area woman heard some screams and something stomping area. A heavy horse gate is also found the new day, torn off its hinges.

Winter of 1992 -- Four different cars stop along the mouth of Parleys Canyon in Salt Lake County, to observe a large, upright creature walk slowly up the mountainside.

August 1991 --A Bigfoot is spotted by the back door of Jay Barker's parents in North Ogden.

Summer of 1991 -- Girl Scouts at a camp in Ogden Valley all suffer horrible feelings one night and some believe it was the influence of a Bigfoot nearby.

1991 — Some separate Bigfoot sightings reported by a number of residents in North Ogden. This included a report of a heavy horse gate being torn off the hinges and thrown dozens of feet away. Some large footprints were also found the dirt nearby.

                          Ron Mower, the Utah man who saw Bigfoot 9 times.

1990-1968 -- A Utah man from Orangeville, Carbon County, Ron Mower, told the Deseret News he has seen Bigfoot nine different times, between 1968-1990. All of the sightings were in the High Uintas, south of Kings Peak, or in the Orangeville area. His latest and closest encounter was from 30 feet away in Fairview Canyon  in the winter of 1990, where his whole family of six also saw the creature in the middle of the road. The creature stood there for about 5 minutes in the car headlights. "At times, I think I've been singled out," Mower said. "People think you're crazy, but there's been a lot of activity ...They (Bigfoot) choose the time for when you can see them." Mower describes them as 7-foot-plus tall and more slender than most artists' renditions. They are black in color, sometimes with a hint of red. They have a human-like face, but it is covered with hair. They also reek of a terrible odor. Most of the creatures he saw looked back at him with a kind of "what-do-you-want?" stare. He said his experiences are a mixture of fright and curiosity. 

1990 -- Weird, piercing screams were heard one night near One Horse Canyon, North Ogden, by several area residents. Two employees at the Fish Farm in North Ogden also reported a Bigfoot sighting there.

1990s -- Rumors of Bigfoot sightings in the Ouray Indian Reservation in central eastern Utah surface. However, access to the area is restricted.

Fall 1989 -- Elk hunters in the James Canyon area, near Fairview, hear a very penetrating scream that lasts 10 seconds and repeats for two minutes during the early morning darkness. They had never heard anything like it before. Later, they replay a recording of an Ohio Bigfoot scream and it was very similar. (From BFRO files.) 

Oct. 19, 1988 --  Elk hunters in James Canyon, near Fairview, reported hearing what could have Bigfoot screams in a remote canyon. (From BFRO files.)

August 1998 -- A bowhunter in the Monte Cristo Area, east of Ogden Valley and near Six Bit Springs, notices an awful odor and decides to find its source. He comes across a dried out pond and see what he at first thought was a large tree stump in the middle of the clearing. Getting closer, he assumed it was a burnt out tree. However, its shape was odd, like a large person sitting with a black shawl around them. The shape would shift back and forth, like a person trying to get comfortable. The man became very frightened at this point and decided to leave the area quickly. It was like no animal he had seen before. Later, a dog at the campsite acted very strangely. (From BFRO files.)

February 1988 -- Ranchers near Garland see two Bigfoots near their lambing pens after dark. Soon after, many possible Bigfoot tracks are found in the area.

                       The South Fork of the Ogden River, tubing paradise, to Magpie.

October 1987 --Val Kapp visits the Magpie Campground alone, Deer hunting, on the South Fork of the Ogden River in Weber County. He crosses the bridge and soon hears a powerful growl the likes of which he has never encountered before. He cautiously continues along a trail until he can locate where the noise is coming from -- a thick area of brush and trees. He makes all kinds of noise to scare whatever it is out or away. No avail. Soon, two rocks -- the size of basketballs come rolling out of the thicket towards him. "That's all I needed," he said. "I just walked out as calmly and quickly as I could ... I just knew whatever it was wanted me to leave.I was only too happy to oblige." Kapp said he had hunted and fished alone for years, but this was the first time he ran into something unknown. Years later, he suspects a Bigfoot is what it may have been.

Summer of 1985 -- A teenage boy said he was surprised by seeing Bigfoot rise up from some bushes near the Fish Farm in North Ogden at dusk one evening.

1985 -- A man, Andrew Montgomery, hears what may have been multiple Bigfoot's screaming one night, near the Fish Farm in North Ogden.

Mid-1980s --Bob Taylor, who owns a tire store in Roy, said he was on an archery hunt in Scare Canyon, east of Ogden Valley, in the mid-1980s when he watched something roaming around and stepping over a wire fence as if it wasn't even there. He said what he saw fits Bigfoot descriptions.
"It's undeniable to me," he said. "I saw what I saw. … I've never seen anything like it."

                       The High Uintas, near the Mirror Lake Highway.

Sept. 1, 1983 -- Ryan Layton and Mike Adams of Layton camp in the Hoyt Peak area of the High Uintas. They try to imitate a Bigfoot scream. like one they heard in a recording a Montana rancher made. They an almost instant reply -- "an almost ungodly, sinister and weird scream" that chills them to the bone. Frightened, they left in their truck.

1983 -- A jogger in Farmington, near the city cemetery, spotted a Bigfoot early one morning.

                      The upper reaches of Snow Basin, near the Needles.

1983 -- Several men camping in the Wheeler Canyon area, near Snow Basin Ski Resort, encounter a creature with glowing red eyes. They leave in a hurry.

Oct. 31, 1982 -- A deer hunter on the top of the "Y" in the Wasatch Mountains above Provo, starts follow some tracks in the one-foot-deep snow. He soon realizes the tracks are from something barefoot, are huge and so far apart he can barely stretch that far. Just before sunset, as he clearly sees the toe marks in the prints, he becomes spooked and leaves the area. He spots more tracks on the way down the mountain. (From BFRO files.)

Early September 1982: A Sept. 22, 1982 Vernal Express newspaper account of a hike to Kings Peak of rocks being tossed into Kidney Lake at 3 a.m., frightening campers, echoes of typical Bigfoot behavior in the High Uintas. Comparing notes the next day with other nearby campers, the group discovered this happened a lot at night in that area. (Though the campers seemed to have no clue that could have very well been a Sasquatch experience ...)

Summer of 1982, North Ogden: According to Trent Nielsen:
"I was camping in my yard with my brothers (see above early 1980's. 1982 to be exact I was 12 yrs old) we were in a tent on the lawn adjacent to our house and we an exterior light was turned on from inside the home (approx 10:30pm) the creature layed down opposite side of the tent to hide from the light trapping my leg and shoulder under it. It wasn't until the light was turned off that the creature got up and left. We heard logs being scattered from our woodpile in the middle of the night and learned early that next morning that all 6 of our rabbits had been taken from their cages (blood in each cage). Later that day we found the remains of one of the bunnies on the hillside just above the cages. 
We lived just east of the trout farm on the mountain road and adjacent to the Coldwater neighborhood where most the stings took place. -Trent Nielsen."

1982 -- Several motorists along Beck Street in Salt Lake City reported seeing a hairy creature run across the highway during the early morning darkness.

January 1981 -- Leonard Howlett and his son, Lester, of Pleasant Grove, find huge barefoot tracks in the Uinta Mountains, near their logging camp. They tracks are 19 inches long and 11 inches wide. The man discounts them having been made by anything other than a Bigfoot. (From the Pleasant Grove Review, March 5, 1981.)

1981 — The police chief of Garland, Box Elder County, said he saw a creature run in front of his car. Several other residents also reported sightings and tracks were found that led in a northwest direction.

                   The Fish Farm in North Ogden, down from Coldwater Canyon.

1980 --There are numerous possible Bigfoot tracks found around the Cold Springs Fish Farm in North Ogden. One woman, Jay Barker's sister-in-law, living in that area reported something large and hairy -- with red eyes -- looking in her window late one night. She lived in a tall trailer and something had to be 8 feet tall to look inside. The fish farm also reported missing or partially eaten fish and strange smells over the years.
Some 30 people in a North Ogden neighborhood, near 2500 North and 1300 East, smelled an awful odor and converge on the streets. Some believed it was Bigfoot. 
Another North Ogden farmer reported four pigs missing from his pens. Later, he reported seeing a Bigfoot from 25 yards away with eye-to-eye contact, carrying one of his smaller pigs in hand. The man's gun jammed and would not fire. He reported the beast ran away, as fast as a horse, probably up Coldwater Canyon.  Later, the man tried to use the same bullet in the same gun and it did fire.

"Bigfoot apparently can't be killed, and he likes fish and pork," Jay Barker, who runs the North Ogden Fish Farm  said. "He exists. It's a mystery."
Barker found large footprints around the farm and several dozen fish scattered about the lawn.

"I have a cast, 14 inches long with five toes," he said, adding the creature took some of his fish.

                            The North Ogden Fish Farm area.

Early 1980s — A man from Lapoint, Uintah County, flying a small airplane from Ogden to his home one winter, reported seeing a large, hairy manlike creature walking through the deep snow of the High Uintas. Also, strange barefoot tracks are found in the Hardware Ranch area of Cache County. Some 10 footprints are found, with some having a stride up to 11 1/2 feet. 

                                   The Francis Peak Radar Station.

Early 1980s — One summer, Lee Fielding of Hooper, Weber County, who works for Utah Wildlife Resources, was camping in the Elizabeth Mountain area of the High Uintas. He reported that something stormed through his camp one night and scared all the horses away. The next morning, his horse would not go in a particular direction, and he met a group of hunters in a nearby camp who told him they were spooked by seeing what they described as a bigfoot. ... Another man reported being chased by some sort of creature while on his dirt bike, in the mountains behind the Francis Peak Radar Station. ... Indians in the Ouray Indian Reservation, near Roosevelt, reported spotting Bigfoot-like creatures in a particular canyon. However, they consider their territory sacred and do not allow outside investigations. They also have legends there creatures sometimes congregate in the Island Lake area of the High Uintas. 

August 1980 --A church group of teens camping out in the Wasatch Mountains report hearing unearthly screams at 2 a.m. one night and smell a terrible odor. The next day they find large, barefoot tracks in the area.

August 1980 -- A woman driving over the Monte Cristo Summit one night sees a huge creature in the shadows, that walked into the forest.

Summer of 1980 -- An LDS Church Stake President from Vernal is camping with his family in the High Uintas. He spots something strange galloping up a nearby hill. Then, that night, he senses something near the tent and see the shadow of a very large hand press against the wall of the tent. About the same time, several men claim they saw a Bigfoot near Hoyt Peak, in the western Uinta Mountains.

May 1980 — An Ogden couple picking asparagus along the Weber River near 12th Street and I-15 reported an 8-foot-tall black figure with glowing red eyes about 40 yards away. Several strange footprints also were discovered in a residential area of North Ogden.

May 1980 -- A man in Uintah, "Dallas" spots a Bigfoot. He said what he saw definitely wasn't human.

                             The canal in North Ogden.

Spring in early 1980s -- A North Ogden teen, Andrew Madsen, claims he saw a Bigfoot running along the canal on the east side of North Ogden. Another area family on Mountain Road claimed Bigfoot threw logs off their woodpile, stole of their rabbits and scared kids camping on the lawn in a tent. About the same time, in Davis County, a man claimed he spotted Bigfoot above Highway 193 in Layton, just above Highway 89.

April 1980 — A 13-year-old Washington Terrace, Weber County, girl reported a hairy creature standing up with its back to her only 10 feet away in a gully near the Weber River. She also said she smelled a terrible odor and rushed home. Her brother, cutting oak brush nearby, also saw something "large and black" about the same time.

 The southern hillside of South Weber, just below the canal, now filled with streets and houses, but open land back in 1980 when Bigfoot made headlines.

February. 1980 — Bigfoot made news in Utah with numerous sightings in South Weber and the surrounding area. Paulene Markham said she saw something like bigfoot walking on a ridge behind their house; Ron J. Smith reported a creature in the moonlight in a pasture next to his house. He also said he heard it make an inhuman scream; Walter G. Ray said that a pan of burned stew set outside to cool was mysteriously licked clean; Possible bigfoot tracks were reported in the South Weber area; Lee Padilla of Clearfield reported seeing a 10-foot tall beast dart across Riverdale Road in front of his headlights at 3:30 a.m.; a Uintah man reported seeing something he described as nonhuman out a window of his home in the foothills. Edna Arave, of South Weber, said he heard loud, terrifying screams outside one night. She believes many residents saw or heard strange things that month that they didn't report, for fear of ridicule.

1980s -- Ute Indian legends surface of creatures, Sasquatches, throwing rocks in the Island Lake area of the High UintasAlso, about the same time, some men camping near the east arm of  Causey Reservoir, Weber County, east of Ogden Valley, saw a large hairy creature tossed rocks toward them one night.

1979 — Larry Darley of Clearfield was elk hunting with his wife in the fall near Monte Cristo east of Ogden. They later reported a loud noise and an "awful" odor at twilight. Mrs. Darley said she spotted a "hairy thing, with fangs" at a water hole 50 yards away through the rifle scope. He even tried to fire a warning shot over the beast's head, but his gun would not fire. (Later that day, it did fire.) They watched it for several minutes before rushing to their truck after the animal seemed to look at them. Their new vehicle also would not start up for a period of time, as if Bigfoot had to be out of the area, before they could leave.

1979 --A boater on Flaming Gorge takes a hike on some rocks along the shoreline and finds a remote water hole and a pine bed full of dead deer. He also hears some frightening screams in the area.

August 1978 -- Hikers descending from Timpanogos Peak, Utah County, reported seeing some sort of creature effortlessly climb up near the almost 11,800-foot summit.

Sept. 1977 -- Two men, Mike and Lynn, are camping in Timber Canyon in Wasatch County. Roasting hotdogs around a fire, they independently each see a Saquatch in the distance, watching them. They are shocked. They later believe they smelled nothing because of the campfire smoke. The two men had also felt something was watching them before the sighting and felt they should leave the area right away.
Talking to a Forest Ranger, he said some bowhunters in the area had also reporteed seeing something "interesting."
The two men do not return to the site for some 25 years. They also find out that some people in Price have nicknamed an adjacent canyon, "Sasquatch Canyon." (From BFRO files.)

Aug. 22, 1977 — Eight hikers, including Jay Barker and Larry Beeson of North Ogden, were in the Cuberant Basin of the High Uintas Mountains and reported watching an 8- to-10-foot-tall creature with a mantle of white hair from 600 to 800 yards away for 20 minutes until some loose rock alerted it to their presence on a ridge. Later that night, at the group's camp, they hear weird screams and the sound of breaking timper. Then, something pushed against the tent where some young boys slept, collapsing it and then sat on it for several minutes, terrifying and temporarily trapping the occupants.
An expedition into the area a few days later found no tracks on very hard ground.

December 1977: Kids in the town of Hunter (now West Valley City) fake "Bigfoot" prints around town. "Bigfoot just myth, Prints prove it" was a Dec. 15, 19777 headline in the Salt Lake Tribune.

July 10, 1977 — Four adults, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Melka and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rosenberg, in the Elizabeth Lake area of the High Uintas watched what they thought were three bigfoot in a meadow for about 10 minutes. They describe the creatures as "something we've never seen before." (Davis County Clipper, Sept. 2, 1977.)

1977 --Pre-dating the famous South Weber 1980 Bigfoot sightings, three years earlier, a young girl sees a large creature on the hillside behind her house. Lots of barefoot tracks are found later.

Sept, 15, 1976 -- "Kenny A" and a friend are hiking in the mountains east of Brigham City. One of the men spotted a creature from some 500 yards away, nearly 8-foot-tall, running in the area of where his friend was trying to get through some thick thorny bushes. The creature had dark reddish-brown hair with a white cap. The friend accidentally fired his shotgun in the thorns and Kenny saw the creature run the other away. The friend reported hearing loud moving sounds, but saw nothing.

Summer of 1976 -- Eighteen-inch bare footprints are found in the High Uintas, east of Hoyt Peak.

April 1975 -- A man rides a motorcycle to the top of Farmington Canyon to see how far he can go before reaching snow on the road. when he finally is stopped by a 8-foot-tall snowpile, he walks around some old miner's cabins (now gone) and finds some huge barefoot tracks, near a stream. (From BFRO files.)

March 15, 1975 --A man in the Tushar Mountains, northeast of Beaver, said he was stalked by a heavy, large dark figure one dark night. He fired his rifle near it and it had disappeared. He's not sure it wasn't a Sasquatch. (From BFRO files.)

Mid-1970s -- Some young men searching for deer near Mountain Road in North Ogden, shine a truck spotlight on the hillside and spot a dark creature that defied explanation. "We saw something we could not explain," one of the men said.

1973 — Craig R. Johnson of Farr West, Weber County, was elk hunting with friends in the Manti-La Sal Mountains. After returning to camp, they reported something very powerful had lifted the door off a 300-pound horse trailer and tossed it 10 feet away. An imprint in the dust on the door didn't indicate a bear or a human.

1970s — Some residents of Clarkston, northwest of Logan, reported that something took a midnight trip through their community, awakening and frightening residents. A similar thing happened in the southern Utah town of Enterprise, where strange sounds one night spooked many residents.

Wheeler Canyon

Fall 1968 -- A woman, "Jean G,"  living in a house in Wheeler Canyon, just below Pineview Dam in Ogden Canyon, said something with glowing red eyes was looking in her window one night. She had never heard of Bigfoot at the time. The creature didn't move, so she phone the police, saying she had an intruder. When the police arrived, they found nothing, but said he must have been very tall to peer through the lofty window. The woman's husband later laughed at her encounter and a week or so later, she moved out of that house. He husband later said a week or so after her experience, he saw a dark, hairy face looking into a window of the house. He thought "bear" and went for a gun. When he came back it was gone. He later realized a bear's snout would have prevented it from being so close to the glass of the window. (From BFRO files.)

Fall 1965 --Doug Wilson said he and two other men were traveling up the Powder Mountain road in Ogden Valley back searching for deer with a spotlight when they saw some sort of creature with eerie eyes.
"We never really decided what we saw," he said, explaining they rarely dared talk about it.

August 1964 -- Two boys hiking back to a family cabin at dusk in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake County, felt they were being stalked, heard a big animal following them, and then an unearthly growl. They raced to the cabin and then heard the outhouse door outside open and close. No one else around. The next day, they found a weird pine bed a few miles from the cabin. (From BFRO files.)

Spring 1962 -- A family's children are playing hide and seek,in the Wasatch Mountains, off Highway 89 and east of Ogden. all alone, the boy spots a very large creature standing nearby. It is tall, dark and hairy. It is standing next to a tree watching him. Their eyes lock for a second. Then, the boy feels this is not a safe situation. He runs down the mountain and tells his father. He finds nothing. As they leave the area, the boy glances back up the mountain and sees the creature standing in the same place as before. Before he can tell his family, the car rounds a curve and the view is lost. The boy is terrified afterward of going into the forest alone. At the time, "Bigfoot" is not a widespread term. Later, seeing sketches of Bigfoot, he realizes that has to be what he saw.

1960s -- A possible Bigfoot sighting near Beaver, Utah, not far from I-15.

June 1950 - When a family arrived at their cabin in Big Cottonwood Canyon, as the snow had finally melted enough, the door was smashed in. They also found muddy, bare footprints all over the cabin. (From BFRO files.)

1919 Utah's first reported "Big foot" was not a mysterious beast at all, either. It was a wolf. "Wily trapper seeks scalp of old 'Big Foot'" was a Sept. 5, 1919 headline in the Salt Lake Herald newspaper. The reward for killing the elusive wolf, who preyed on cattle and sheep in remote San Juan County, was $1,000. Some kind of foot injury gave the wolf a distinctive flatted foot and hence its "Big Foot" name.

1880s --Although Gorilla Ridge and Gorilla Creek in the Tushar Mountains, northeast of Beaver, are usually listed in the history books as having been named for an unshaven miner in the bushes at dusk, who appeared to be a gorilla, some locals have a different twist on the legend -- they believe early residents and miners saw Bigfoot in that area and so those two geographical features, as well as the Gorilla Mine were named after the beast -- with a gorilla being the closest known animal to what they saw.

1870s -- At the timber camp in Ephraim Canyon, during the construction of the Manti LDS Temple, there was an incident one night where men of the camp were terrified by some creature in the forest. It made strange noises, killed some of their dogs and frightened their horses. They finally started a bonfire and shot guns in the darkness to try and get it to leave. It did finally depart.

Sources: BFRO, Deseret News archives, Ryan Layton, Ryan Burns, Darrell Smith, Michael Slade, Dave Carver and personal interviews. 



Top 6 Utah Hotspots--
1. High Uintas, 18 reported Bigfoot experiences.
2. North Ogden area, 14
3. Ogden Valley/South Fork 13.
4. Layton, 7.
5. South Weber, 6.
6. Monte Cristo, 4

Bigfoot sightings by county
According to the BFRO's own lists of sightings:
Beaver — 2
Box Elder — 1
Cache — 4
Carbon — 1
Daggett — 3
Davis — 4
Duchesne — 2
Emery — 2
Garfield — 2
Millard — 2
Morgan — 2
Piute — 1
Rich — 1
Sanpete — 1
Summit — 9
Uintah — 3
Utah — 7
Wasatch — 1
Weber — 10
Source: Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization .

Ten Parameters of Bigfoot Sightings:

After more than 33 years of interest in Bigfoot and another 43 years in journalism, here are my top 10 ideas/theories on Bigfoot -- likely parameters of the creature, if you will.

1. The vast majority of the world's media is still too skeptical on the subject of Bigfoot.
 But skeptical is good in journalism and so what I'm really saying here is "bias skeptical" -- that means the media is totally CLOSED-MINDED to any idea that something unknown can be walking around out there.
Yes, proof is needed, but the fact is too many people keep seeing something out there for it to be a joke, a hoax, or delusions by those who see it.
Since the media won't take Bigfoot seriously for even a second, what hopes do they have of truly investigating the phenomenon? 

2. No one is likely to ever find real PROOF of Bigfoot.
After my 33 years on the subject, I'm convinced that Bigfoot is simply supernatural.
He can leave prints and traces, but can seemingly vanish at will. He can fool or avoid clear images on even the highest tech of cameras.
Also, you don't find him, he finds you.
Supernatural is the only concept of Bigfoot that makes any sense.
(I just don't buy the UFO connection, because Bigfoots are so smelly that the odor concept defies the concept of an advanced, alien race.)
Bigfoot hunters can keep treating the beast like a regular animal, but they will continue to find no solid evidence either.

3. Bigfoot doesn't like crowds, subdivisions or large population centers, at least in Utah.
Pretty much all of the sightings happen at the edge of mountain ranges, or in the mountains.
Salt Lake County has the fewest Bigfoot reports of all in Utah, likely because it has the highest density of population -- something Bigfoot seems to avoid.

4. Bigfoot is essentially evil, a demon of sorts.
No one I have ever talked to that has professed to have seen Bigfoot has in any way claimed the sighting inspired them. The vast majority were scared more than ever in their lives ... they fled the scene, or would not return there, ever, or not for years later. Bigfoot in all ways seems the opposite of an angel, a counterpart, an opposite end of the spectrum.
I earnestly sought Bigfoot in a deep, bushy canyon some years ago, after several kids had claimed they saw him there. As I got further away from civilization and into an increasingly denser, darker area, I strongly felt I was pursuing something evil and that I should abandon my quest there. I did.
One Utah woman I met who saw Bigfoot twice, said if you believe in God, it is not a stretch to also believe in demons and that's what she felt Bigfoot was.
Seemingly, the more wicked and permissive the earth's people become, the more Bigfoot sightings they are.
(Notwithstanding, Bigfoot is NOT Cain from the Book of Genesis, as can be proven with any Bible.)

5. Bigfoot doesn't physically harm people.
I'm found no Utah reports of Bigfoot actually physically hurting a person. Bigfoot have apparently thrown rocks in the direction of people to deter them, though.
And, there are some 19th Century Utah reports of dogs, animals being killed by Bigfoot, but that's all.
Notwithstanding, Bigfoot usually mentally mauls those who see him. He fosters fear and uncertainty.

6. For unknown reasons, Bigfoot prefers the North Ogden/Ogden Valley/Monte Cristo area.
While this area is less populated, there is seemingly more to the equation. Bigfoot seems to prefer strolling through this area, more than anywhere in Utah -- except the High Uintas.
In the last few years, Bigfoot has also displayed a preference for East Layton too.

7. Bigfoot prefers the night.
The creature has been spotted -- on occasion during the daytime -- but most sightings happen at night.

8. Bigfoot can't be harmed/shot.
In keeping with the creature's supernatural aspect, one man tried to shoot Bigfoot and his gun would not fire. Soon after, the same rifle and bullet did fire OK. That's just a single example, but anything that can avoid so many cameras, hunters, etc., is clearly beyond the powers of earth.

9. People who have seen Bigfoot once, have a greater chance to see him again.
From the Utah man who saw Bigfoot 9 times, to several others in Utah, the idea of multiple sightings by the same person looks like a trend.

10. People likely smell or feel Bigfoot's presence, before they see him.
The only exceptions to this trend seem to be motorists, who just quickly see the creature cross the road, or standing along the highway.
Otherwise, most people feel strange or uneasy in the outdoors, or smell that worst ever odor before a sighting of the beast.

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