Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bigfoot Sighting in Adams Canyon

On the weekend of Sept. 3, 2011, there was a Bigfoot sighting reported by two people.
Location was near the upper and large waterfall in Adams Canyon, Layton, Utah.
The 50-foot-high falls are about three miles up a very popular hiking trail in Davis County.
What's most unusual about this sighting is that it was reported to Davis County Animal Control first.
(Then, Animal Control contacted some Bigfoot experts in the area.)
Combine this latest sighting with the many others in Layton and you've got one of the hottest places in the world for Bigfoot sightings.
(Photograph is of the tallest and upper Adams Canyon waterfall. Photo by Roger Arave.)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bigfoot Poop?

Utah bigfoot expert Ryan Layton and several others took a run to Idaho State University at Pocatello, Id., Wednesday, Aug. 24, to deliver what they hope is relatively fresh Sasquatch poop.
The waste will undergo DNA testing, under the direction of world-class Bigfoot expert Dr. Jeff Meldrum.
Is it authentic?
Time will tell.
I couldn't get them to open the cooler that contained the stuff, because it is so putrid that the foul odor doesn't fade for a long time.
There has been considerable bigfoot activity in Layton City recently, even stretching west into the hollows that are west of Highway 89.
One resident and the one who found the poop and who also has professional animal tracking experience, told me he's found deer parts, apparently from a bigfoot dinner.
He also put out some infrared cameras in one of the hollows one night, only to find a rather thick tree branch purposely bent over the lens, as if to say, "I know this camera is here -- you can't fool a bigfoot."
When I asked this tracker about the possibility of bigfoot being supernatural, he did say he was open to that, but that he will almost have to see a bigfoot go "poof," before he accepts it. Otherwise he is treating bigfoot as a very intelligent animal.
(The above photograph is of the cooler that contained the suspected droppings on their way to Pocatello, Id.)

UPDATE: Apparently the fecal matter was inconclusive.]

Saturday, August 13, 2011

East Layton Now a Hotbed for Bigfoot Activity

Forget South Weber or Ogden Valley ... East Layton is looking to be far be the most intense area for Bigfoot activity in Utah.
I'm hearing reports of numerous and regular sightings, footprints and howls in East Layton, between Corbett Canyon (directly east of the U-193/Highway 89 junction) and south to the Fernwood/"Castle" area.
There are also now some reported recent sightings in the hollows that are west of Highway 89, deep into the heart of Layton City.
Some Bigfoot enthusiasts are believing Corbett Canyon is a key travelway for Bigfoot into the valley.
Even "Alien Dave" is checking into this high activity area now.
So the "Sasq-Wasatch" demons, as I call them, are frequenting the area for some unknown reason. Not good news for those who live on the high bench of East Layton.
More details as they become available.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bigfoot Can't Be Cain!

By Lynn Arave

Bigfoot simply cannot be Cain, that infamous fugitive murderer from the Bible's Book of Genesis.
Anyone who believes or says that Sasquatch is Cain has not read their Bible carefully enough.
Is God a liar? I think not.
So, then how do those who believe Cain is Bigfoot explain Genesis Chapter 4 verse 15?
"And the Lord said unto him, Therefore whoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the Lord set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him."
God makes it clear in this verse that Cain is mortal and can be killed. So, Cain was not "translated" or given any extra protection besides a "mark" to identify, not directly to protect him.
Cain could thus NOT have survived the flood, old age and furthermore, Genesis 4:23-24 implies that someone, perhaps Cain, was killed soon after Cain's curse.
For Mormons, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Spencer W. Kimball was the one who set the "Cain is Bigfoot" legend indirectly into motion.
In his book "The Miracle of Forgiveness," then Elder Kimball describes an incident where Elder David W. Patten (early LDS Apostle) meets "a very remarkable person who had represented himself as being Cain" (Page 127). This person was naked, hairy and extra tall.
When the well-publicized South Weber Bigfoot sightings happened in South Wever, Utah in 1980, LDS Church members tried to connect some dots and began to proclaim Bigfoot as Cain.
I blame Elder Kimball for including the incident in his book period, since he offers no commentary or opinion on it. This was just an intriguing story that Elder Kimball threw in his book, a story that adds nothing to his subject matter directly.
Notwithstanding, Cain was extremely evil and other wicked beings would likely try to imitate him. Hence, why Elder Patten's visitor likely identified himself as Cain.
In fact. in Mormon beliefs, beings with bodies have power over spirits and hence one day Cain will rule over Satan and so Cain is thus the kingpin of all evil for eternity, not Satan.
Note that if you read one of my other posts, I purport that Bigfoot is supernatural however and is a devil and an emissary of evil. As such, he will never be captured or proven by science to exist.

Bigfoot is Simply Super(natural)!

"Bigfoot," the term at least, has been around since October of 1958, when the Associated Press ran a story out of Eureka, California, that is believed to be the first official usage of the term.
The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, founded in 1995, has given the quest for evidence even greater hope. However, after 13-plus years of them taking a scientific approach, even they have come up short of conclusive evidence.
I'm not faulting anyone, or any particular group here. Even with infrared equipment, night vision and automatic sensors and cameras, there is still no solid evidence of Bigfoot.
And, I don't expect any such evidence to ever come either and there's a good reason why. Bigfoot is simply not "real."
Now I don't mean he doesn't exist, I'm purporting that Bigfoot just isn't "real" in the sense that he isn't an animal. 
He's supernatural and that alone and nothing else on the planet (outside the theory Bigfoot can dimension shift at will) truly explains his elusive nature.
 Nothing else answers why with all this 21st Century electronic technology and searching, man is yet to capture undeniable evidence of him.
People regularly see Bigfoot and so there is something out there. I've talked to many people who have seen him and I don't think they are making anything up.
It's simply impossible that man has yet to confirm Bigfoot, unless he is supernatural. That's the only explanation left.
With just all the cell phones that have built-in cameras around, you'd think someone would come up with a good picture of the creature, but no.
Is "supernatural" that hard of a concept to believe in? It is no harder than believing in God and angels. You know it is a package deal — if you believe in God and his angels, then you also believe in Satan and his devils — supernatural forces that are counter to God.
(The only people who could legitimately claim to not believe in Bigfoot by this argument are atheists.)
The key problem here is man won't generally admit there are things on Earth beyond his grasp or comprehension. This is perhaps simply a lack of humility and man's arrogance.
But, am I saying Bigfoot is evil? Yes, that is what I am claiming. He is certainly not a good or pure thing. A significant number of accounts by people who sighted the creature mention glowing red eyes, their deep fear and just plain bad and even evil feelings.
Dogs often cower and tremble when a Bigfoot is near.
Bigfoot has a terrible odor, is mostly spotted at night and no sightings of the creature foster benevolent feelings or actions.
Angels are commonly thought to be pure — clean, white, bright and inspiring beings.
Isn't Bigfoot the exact opposite of angels? He being (usually) dark in color, smelly, found in dark places and not inspirational. He fosters fear and mystery. I can't think of anyone I've talked to about a purported Bigfoot experience, who wasn't fearful or apprehensive of the creature.
Now to be accurate, the Bible does state that Satan can appear as an angel of light (1 Corinthians 11:13-15) and so maybe only more lowly devils appear as a Bigfoot. I don't know…
Physically, a Bigfoot may not harm a person, but seeing one may "maul" you mentally or spiritually.
If God has angels out and about to aid his mission and benefit man, should not Satan also be given a measure to counter that, with his own creatures, seen and unseen?
In that sense, if you believe in God and angels, you have to believe in Satan and Bigfoot, because they are a package deal of consistent belief.
If I'm in any way correct on this supernatural aspect of Bigfoot, it must re-define the way man searches for the creature, if he dares.
Anyone wanting better evidence of Bigfoot has got to think outside the box and perhaps use more techniques that employed by ghost hunters, another realm dominated by the supernatural.
You can take all the cameras and all the people you want into the mountains to search Bigfoot and I say you may find some marginal evidence, but that will be all. That's because Bigfoot is outside the normal experience or knowledge of man.
Bigfoot is certainly visible at times and can make tracks at times, but not always. Neither are angels always visible.
The fact that hundreds of people a year in the U.S. see a Bigfoot and yet no one has ever, ever been able to get a clear photograph or video of one that would remove doubt -- or find a dead body or skeleton -- also supports the supernatural aspect of Sasquatch.
I've never seen a Bigfoot, but I've searched for them periodically. For example, in the mid-1990s I was scouring Coldwater Canyon in North Ogden, Ut., where the creature was said to have frightening some children a few weeks earlier.
Soon, my two sons and their friends told me they had looked long enough and were simply not hiking any farther up the canyon. I left them at a spring and forged on alone, as the canyon got darker, narrower and more thick with brush and trees.
About 15 minutes later, the firm thought came into my mind that searching for Bigfoot is not a good thing — that you really don't want to find one, because they are evil.
Two years later, I interviewed a man who claimed he had seen Bigfoot nine different times between 1968 and 1990. Ron Mower, then living in Orangeville, Ut.
I've never heard of anyone claiming so many encounters. He told me he believes there is a supernatural aspect to Bigfoot, that he finds you, more than you him.
“They choose the time for when you can see them. I’ve never really hunted for one," he told me.
In about 2002, a Layton, Ut. man was scouring the mountain side with a scope for wildlife. He spots a strange creature roaming in the foothills above the Highway 193/U.S. 89 junction. He gets his camcorder and films the creature for about five minutes from about 500 yards away. A few hours later, he goes into that same area and despite snow on the ground, cannot find a single footprint or aftermath of the creature's walk across an open space. His video footage is intriguing, but inconclusive from such a great distance away.
How could someone film something walking across an area and then soon after find no tracks? It is simply not scientifically possible for that to happen. But it did and that leaves my supernatural reason as the best answer out there.
The Layton man captured the creature on film from a great distance, but found no footprints. Many others find strange footprints, but no creature.
A Box Elder County, Ut. sheriff in the 1990s was following some strange footprints in a farmer's field one winter. The footprints fit the usually Bigfoot parameters — large and naked toed. However, the footprints simply stopped in the middle of the field, with no turnaround visible.
Incidents like this tend to bring up the "UFO connection" at times. That is, that Bigfoot is part of advanced scientific race and can "beam away" or change dimensions at will.
That belief might be OK for atheists to latch onto, but I'm not buying it, nor should anyone else who believes in a God. Bigfoots are naked, smelly and do nothing that denotes extreme intelligence — unless you count avoiding capture.
Why are Bigfoots roaming around? Christians believe God has translated various mortals over time, like John the apostle (John Chapter 21) and if they roam around earth and foster good, why are there not some evil things roaming around to balance the scales?
Another key question to ponder is why are there a dozen or more Bigfoot sightings reported each month in the U.S. vs. few reports, if any, of sightings of angels. What does that say about us? Is the evil state of the world somehow creating more Bigfoot sightings?
Yet, shouldn't we seek angels before devils?
(Note that the above photograph is of a campground in British Columbia, Canada.)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sasquatch Introduction

There seems to be an extra high interest in Bigfoot in Utah -- the Beehive State -- than many places in the U.S.
This blog will hopefully explore some of the Bigfoot sightings in Utah over time, as well as provide some general information.
You may not believe in Bigfoot yourself, but there have been just too many sightings over time to dismiss them to drinking, bad eyes, or poor judgment.
Something is out there and it is still unexplained.
Dave Carver of Utah may lean to the entertainment level on the Bigfoot subject a little much for the taste of some bigfoot purists, but none can deny that he draws huge crowds of people out for the subject of Sasquatch.
He hosted his first Dave's Bigfoot Show on July 27, 2010 and attracted some 500 people to Huntsville in a rain storm.
Two more Dave's Bigfoot Shows are planned for 2011 -- Aug. 11, 2011, 8:30 p.m., at the Weber County Fairgrounds in Ogden; and Sept. 3, 2011 at Wolf Mountain.
The latter show includes costume dress up and all day activities.
Search Dave's BigFoot Show on Facebook for more details.
Anyway, why the blog title -- Sasq-Wasatch here?
The Wasatch Front, particularly eastern Weber County and northeast Davis County are the hot spots for Bigfoot sightings in Utah.
(On the three photographs above -- Top one is of Harrison, British Columbia, Canada, where a provincial park is named for Bigfoot.
Middle photo shows a campground in British Coilumbia, complete with a Bigfoot statue.
Bottom photo is of the Ogden Valley, as seen looking east from near the top of Snowbasin and Mount Ogden.. Ogden Valley is a hotbed for Bigfoot sightings.)