Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why no one takes Bigfoot sightings seriously ...

There are 2 major reasons why no one takes Bigfoot sightings seriously these days:

1. The hoaxers who claim to have killed a Bigfoot and that they have the body. Of course, they never do. It is a complete lie. They demean the serious pursuits.

2. Absolutely inaccurate basic information in sighting reports

Example: in January of 2014, Animal Planet posts a top 10 sightings list of Bigfoot encounters.
For their No. 9 ranking, in Utah, they butcher not only the location place, but they are hundreds of miles off in their geography.
Anyone can misspell something, but no one did any homework here, in this report.
There's just no excuse for this kind of sloppy reporting.
Two minutes on a simple Google search could have avoided all of this.

In the listing, the problem is the Utah town Scipio is misspelled "Scripio" and Scipio is actually 180 miles north of St. George, so it is far loser to Provo or even Salt Lake City.
To use St. George as a nearby major town makes no sense.

A link to the story:

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