Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ten Parameters of Bigfoot

THE Bigfoot sightings list on this Blog has now logged more than 121 incidents in the State of Utah.
That's surely a fraction of what's out there.
Too many people still don't like to talk about their experiences, for fear of ridicule.

After more than 33 years of interest in Bigfoot and another 43 years in journalism, here are my top 10 ideas/theories on Bigfoot -- likely parameters of the creature, if you will.

1. The vast majority of the world's media is still too skeptical on the subject of Bigfoot.
 But skeptical is good in journalism and so what I'm really saying here is "bias skeptical" -- that means the media is totally CLOSED-MINDED to any idea that something unknown can be walking around out there.
Yes, proof is needed, but the fact is too many people keep seeing something out there for it to be a joke, a hoax, or delusions by those who see it.
Since the media won't take Bigfoot seriously for even a second, what hopes do they have of truly investigating the phenomenon? 

2. No one is likely to ever find real PROOF of Bigfoot.
After my 33 years on the subject, I'm convinced that Bigfoot is simply supernatural.
He can leave prints and traces, but can seemingly vanish at will. He can fool or avoid clear images on even the highest tech of cameras.
Also, you don't find him, he finds you.
Supernatural is the only concept of Bigfoot that makes any sense.
(I just don't buy the UFO connection, because Bigfoots are so smelly that the odor concept defies the concept of an advanced, alien race.)
Bigfoot hunters can keep treating the beast like a regular animal, but they will continue to find no solid evidence either.

3. Bigfoot doesn't like crowds, subdivisions or large population centers, at least in Utah.
Pretty much all of the sightings happen at the edge of mountain ranges, or in the mountains.
Salt Lake County has the fewest Bigfoot reports of all in Utah, likely because it has the highest density of population -- something Bigfoot seems to avoid.

4. Bigfoot is essentially evil, a demon of sorts.
No one I have ever talked to that has professed to have seen Bigfoot has in any way claimed the sighting inspired them. The vast majority were scared more than ever in their lives ... they fled the scene, or would not return there, ever, or not for years later. Bigfoot in all ways seems the opposite of an angel, a counterpart, an opposite end of the spectrum.
I earnestly sought Bigfoot in a deep, bushy canyon some years ago, after several kids had claimed they saw him there. As I got further away from civilization and into an increasingly denser, darker area, I strongly felt I was pursuing something evil and that I should abandon my quest there. I did.
One Utah woman I met who saw Bigfoot twice, said if you believe in God, it is not a stretch to also believe in demons and that's what she felt Bigfoot was.
Seemingly, the more wicked and permissive the earth's people become, the more Bigfoot sightings they are.
(Notwithstanding, Bigfoot is NOT Cain from the Book of Genesis, as can be proven with any Bible.)

5. Bigfoot doesn't physically harm people.
I'm found no Utah reports of Bigfoot actually physically hurting a person. Bigfoot have apparently thrown rocks in the direction of people to deter them, though.
And, there are some 19th Century Utah reports of dogs, animals being killed by Bigfoot, but that's all.
Notwithstanding, Bigfoot usually mentally mauls those who see him. He fosters fear and uncertainty.

6. For unknown reasons, Bigfoot prefers the North Ogden/Ogden Valley/Monte Cristo area.
While this area is less populated, there is seemingly more to the equation. Bigfoot seems to prefer strolling through this area, more than anywhere in Utah -- except the High Uintas.
In the last few years, Bigfoot has also displayed a preference for East Layton too.

7. Bigfoot prefers the night.
The creature has been spotted -- on occasion during the daytime -- but most sightings happen at night.

8. Bigfoot can't be harmed/shot.
In keeping with the creature's supernatural aspect, one man tried to shoot Bigfoot and his gun would not fire. Soon after, the same rifle and bullet did fire OK. That's just a single example, but anything that can avoid so many cameras, hunters, etc., is clearly beyond the powers of earth.

9. People who have seen Bigfoot once, have a greater chance to see him again.
From the Utah man who saw Bigfoot 9 times, to several others in Utah, the idea of multiple sightings by the same person looks like a trend.

10. People likely smell or feel Bigfoot's presence, before they see him.
The only exceptions to this trend seem to be motorists, who just quickly see the creature cross the road, or standing along the highway.
Otherwise, most people feel strange or uneasy in the outdoors, or smell that worst ever odor before a sighting of the beast.

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