Saturday, August 13, 2011

East Layton Now a Hotbed for Bigfoot Activity

Forget South Weber or Ogden Valley ... East Layton is looking to be far be the most intense area for Bigfoot activity in Utah.
I'm hearing reports of numerous and regular sightings, footprints and howls in East Layton, between Corbett Canyon (directly east of the U-193/Highway 89 junction) and south to the Fernwood/"Castle" area.
There are also now some reported recent sightings in the hollows that are west of Highway 89, deep into the heart of Layton City.
Some Bigfoot enthusiasts are believing Corbett Canyon is a key travelway for Bigfoot into the valley.
Even "Alien Dave" is checking into this high activity area now.
So the "Sasq-Wasatch" demons, as I call them, are frequenting the area for some unknown reason. Not good news for those who live on the high bench of East Layton.
More details as they become available.

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