Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bigfoot Poop?

Utah bigfoot expert Ryan Layton and several others took a run to Idaho State University at Pocatello, Id., Wednesday, Aug. 24, to deliver what they hope is relatively fresh Sasquatch poop.
The waste will undergo DNA testing, under the direction of world-class Bigfoot expert Dr. Jeff Meldrum.
Is it authentic?
Time will tell.
I couldn't get them to open the cooler that contained the stuff, because it is so putrid that the foul odor doesn't fade for a long time.
There has been considerable bigfoot activity in Layton City recently, even stretching west into the hollows that are west of Highway 89.
One resident and the one who found the poop and who also has professional animal tracking experience, told me he's found deer parts, apparently from a bigfoot dinner.
He also put out some infrared cameras in one of the hollows one night, only to find a rather thick tree branch purposely bent over the lens, as if to say, "I know this camera is here -- you can't fool a bigfoot."
When I asked this tracker about the possibility of bigfoot being supernatural, he did say he was open to that, but that he will almost have to see a bigfoot go "poof," before he accepts it. Otherwise he is treating bigfoot as a very intelligent animal.
(The above photograph is of the cooler that contained the suspected droppings on their way to Pocatello, Id.)

UPDATE: Apparently the fecal matter was inconclusive.]

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